Decorating Inspiration ~ Favorite French Finds

French furnishings  are ever timeless and right now are
so plentiful and can also be found at really good prices!
I am finding so many beautiful pieces of furniture and table decor available at local shops so today I thought I’d share
some with you.

Perhaps a piece or two is just what is needed which could just transform your home into a
little French getaway…

French inspired furniture 

Let’s begin with these beautifully carved chairs found at HomeGoods.
Right now velvet is sooo the fabric covering of choice
for designers and decorators alike!
I saw a ton of velvet covering chairs at High Point Market last fall.
First I found this lush green velvet chair and thought… Hmmm?
I could store it in our little local storage unit until we
find our next house
{plus my daughter really likes green and it would look cute at her apartment!}
Then I found the blue armchair as today’s opening photograph
and thought, oh my!
Both are nice but if I had to choose between the two?
I don’t know if I could….

A little closer detial of the carved leaves along this armchair’s upper back.  Pretty!
I really like the light stained ash or beech wood with the two different colorways of velvet.  Very pretty!
Sumptuous and sturdy this chair would wear well and the fabric would last for years before needing to be recovered.
I believe each chair was just $299.00 ~ a good price for a very
well made chair.

A photograph I put out on my Instagram account ~ love these Cinderella chairs!
Then I found these molded lucite {acrylic} armchairs perfect to pair with a vanity in one’s bathroom or to place in a girl’s bedroom
as her princess chair!
Ethereal and light enough that a young child could easily
move these chairs around they visually don’t take up much
room so they’d be perfect in a small room.
These chairs have carvings so reminiscent of that beloved French Louis styles us Francophiles love.

From left to right:  a white and gold eyelash pillow, a tufted and twisted round velvet poof,
and a beautiful garden-inspired hydrangea square pillow.

Here I wandered the store and picked out some of my favorite pillows to see what would look good with these chairs.
I love those fluffy and sparkling eyelash pillows and thought one might add a little more seat comfort if one was sitting for
a long time ~ beautiful but perhaps maybe a little big
for this style of chair.

The purple goodness of the round poof fit this chair the best
I thought.  I love it’s twisted edges and I still have yet to figure
out how that is done as these pillows are sewn.
Comfortable and beautiful this pillow would also look
good on a sofa or bed.
The hydrangea pillow was another that didn’t really fit
but was fun to try!

I had fun decorating these chairs with pillows…

These chairs remind me of last year’s post where I shared
some other French inspired furniture created by designer
Cynthia Rowley and another post where I found
more French inspiration at a mall about an hour away.

French inspired vases and table decor

As I wandered the store some more I came across this endcap with this incredible curvy vase and these creamware pieces on it!
I was sooo tempted to put it in my cart and bring it home with me but Mr. Ethereal would probably have my hide.
There just isn’t the storage available in our little Prairie Home
but I’ll definitely keep it in mind for the future.

Couldn’t you see it with fresh cut garden roses cascading about and over those gentle curves?
Or with a bouquet full of many luscious flower types reminiscent
of those fabulous bouquets found in the dark-background
Dutch-artist Vermeer paintings falling over those edges??
Very ethereal!!!

Okay, these vases were really all made in Italy but I had to include
them in my French finds because sunflowers do indeed
grow in France!
Sunflowers in French is tournesols and literally means
“turns towards the sun” and they do indeed follow the sun
from east to west.

I could have brought home any of these vases ~ they would
be just as lovely on a buffet in one’s dining room as they
would be on a side table anywhere else in the home.
Lovely vases to feature and to feature whatever beautiful
bouquets were placed inside them ~
faux, dried or fresh!

Next  I spied this toile de Jouy-covered mannequin.
Her picturesque scenes on burlap of a farmer and his lady quietly speak of harvest time.
Love the little tower with its thatched roof ~ perhaps a grainery where he stores his harvested crops??

Wouldn’t this mannequin look lovely with an apron or
ballerina tulle dress tied around her waist?
I thought so too.

Ah! Sunflower

William Blake1757 – 1827

Ah! sunflower, weary of time,

Who countest the steps of the sun,

Seeking after that sweet golden clime

Where the traveller’s journey is done;

Where the youth pined away with desire,

And the pale virgin shrouded in snow,

Where my sunflower wishes to go.

Arise from their graves and aspire;

Found this sweet poem by British poet William Blake on Poets.org
{which erroneously listed Mr. Blake as an American ~ this is the update!}
and thought it would be fun to share with you.
Did you know that you can get poems sent to the inbox
of your email everyday?  You can.

Lastly I found several clocks with French style and
a sweet patio set…
I have wanted a French mantel clock for quite some time
and this reproduction clock would do nicely!
I love the vintage look this one has with its burnished and
antiqued gilding and with its ebony case and finial.
Batteries go in the bottom in case you are wondering
so that the back can face out on a bureau or desk ~ love
how today’s modernity is hidden.
Tres magnifique!

This patio set is sweet with its faux bois legs and little
branchlets and leaves.  
It is a nice take on the French look of crafting furniture to
look like it is made from trees though it is made from iron
cement or stone.
I found a site called Hen Feathers which creates faux bois furniture and you can find their link here.
Hen Feathers shares a nice history on the making of
faux bois furnishings.

All in all a pretty round up of French
inspired furnishings…
Wouldn’t you agree?

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