French Ethereal’s Birthday Anniversaire #4!

Looking back  this month I realized that this little
blog of mine is now four years old!
Still a baby by many standards but at the suggestion of my son, who knew I was enjoying other designers’ blogs at the time, this little blog was born…

A quiet party ~ celebrating four years of friendship!
I think  my favorite part about writing for you all is getting to share thoughts back and forth ~ our modern day
“pen pal letter writing”
if you will…
Actually, I know it is.

So for  this year’s fourth anniversary I thought we’d take a look
back at where we’ve been and a few of the changes
along the way…

Summer splendor in the garden at our Big House in Murrieta, California.  Also an introduction to our Garden Maiden!

My very first post I shared this photograph with you
and shared a little about myself and the things
I like to do ~ a lot of sewing and gardening.

That year I bought a camera for my husband as an Easter present
and for Father’s Day coming up so he could take photographs of our son and his other pole vaulters at track meets… but soon that camera was taken back as I began taking photographs
around the house.
{He teasingly reminds me of this once in a while}

I had been taking photos with many instamatic film cameras
over the years but shifting to a digital camera was a totally
new experience
for me!

That was then ~ just after I had mostly finished the slipcovers for our sofas.

This is now ~ rather last summer’s slipcover project plus stenciling.

I had resisted buying one for quite a while but always knew in the bottom of my heart that I wanted to shoot good quality photographs like my father took when I was young and brother took
in his part-time photography business.

We hadn’t been able to afford a good camera until this particular
year and it really bothered me that I hadn’t captured my
children growing up with a camera that could really
show who they were.

I grew up with my father performing in many theatrical
Gilbert and Sullivan shows, operas and the like, and one thing
I’ve realized over the years is that photography for me is an
extension of the theater…
I get to create a performance for you with every photo
I share ~ a little of my heart as it were.

As a  lifestyle blogger it is fun for me to share recipes with you from time to time though really I’m not much of a cook.
My mother loved to bake and I think I inherited that love
from her ~ so you’ll mostly get tea parties over here and a
few dinner recipes once in a blue moon.

I’ve looked at my style and I don’t think it has changed all
that much as I still love the Shabby Chic look and all whites.
Without a bigger “house” I can’t really share more furniture photographs with you until we find that next one.
We are looking and will begin the process of qualifying for a
home later this fall.
 A few too many little emergencies this year have prevented us from buying this summer but it’s all good.
We are paying cash for everything these days and often
I think our resolve to pay cash is being tested.
Part of God’s plan, I’m sure.

Six French style cane back chairs finally got a little “redo” with white paint to match these two.
All received new seat covers.
But you know me  ~ gardens are decorating the home
 and roses are my loves!

A rare rainy day in the summer of 2015 in Southern California.  🙂
And the Garden Girls have been here since day one.

And too Mr. Yoda ~ here reclining in his dog bed.

So thank you  for coming along on this journey here at
French Ethereal and I hope to share many more lovely stories
dreams and bits of theater with you in faded beautiful
photographic dreams…

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Jusqu’à ce qu’on se revoie,

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