Chicken Dinner, a Recipe and a Movie…

Summer storms  have been the norm every afternoon for over a week now and cooler temperatures came with them.

So… while we were having a lovely high 80’s evening

a couple of days ago {instead of high 90’s and low 100’s}
I baked up a chicken dinner that is delicious and
easy to prepare…

Please excuse the chicken scum!  Yoda enjoyed having a bit with his dinner, though. 🙂
After flipping through some easy recipes in my old Tupperware cookbook and not finding what I really
wanted to eat ~ I went back to a recipe I learned
from my high school days.

Super Easy Chicken Recipe

So easy you just practically won’t believe it:
Italian dressing.
Just grab a bottle of your favorite Italian dressing and pour over your washed chicken pieces. Bake for roughly 20 minutes
checking for doneness by making sure the insides are
thoroughly cooked and not pink and you’ve got a yummy
healthy main dish!

Another Easy Chicken Recipe

Pour on Thousand Island dressing and bake your chicken.

{I learned the latter from a guy I went out with at the end
of high school and he made this for me one evening.}

Stack Cooked Meals

Now I did use the stack cooker bowls and one of the
recipes in this Tupperwave Stack-Cooked Meals cookbook
to make an:

Apple, carrots and onion sweet vegetable

almost-a-dessert-it’s-so-good!  😉
Just cut up two carrots, an apple*add some chopped onion#
and a tablespoon of brown sugar then mix together coating
all the vegetable pieces.

When you have your chicken ready in the middle bowl and the veggie mixture ready in the bottom bowl, stack all three bowls
with the top shallow bowl/dish used as a cover and
bake on high as recommended previously.
About 20 – 25 minutes until the chicken is thoroughly cooked.

*I substituted two peaches since I didn’t have any apples.
# I used some dried chopped onion since I didn’t have any
of that either.
The parsley red potatoes I had cooked earlier in
the week and the peas were cooked then, too.

If you want to cook all this in the Stack Cooker
all you have to do is this:

1) large bottom bowl – normally holds rice, water and/or veggies
2) middle bowl – holds the main dish and sauces if using
3) top shallow dish – holds a dessert or fruit recipe

Do look for this or the other Stackwave cookbook(s) online or
when you are out thriftshopping or are at a second-hand
The recipes are simple to make and you can add to or alter
them as you see fit.
These cookbooks come with three spiral-bound sections
so you can mix and match your recipes!

Tonight’s movie

Drizzly weather makes me think of my trip to England and it always puts me in the mood to watch a period British film.
This day’s overcast weather made me think I ought to watch a favorite movie about Beatrix Potter...

Miss Potter

I love this opening scene where Renée Zellweger as
Beatrix is beginning a color wash of a watercolor paper ~
here she is choosing what colors she wants to use.

Ewan McGregor stars in this movie as well as a first-time
publisher at his older brother’s book printing firm.
Miss Potter gets “fobbed off” on him as the older brothers
think her “bunny book” won’t sell at all but together
Norman Warne and Beatrix Potter create a book and
eventually a series of 23 books for children that is by far
F. Warne and Company’s best selling books to date.

Sadly, I am NOT an Amazon Affiliate at the moment having been tossed out for no sales
however, I still feel that sharing beautiful books and DVD’s with you is worth sharing.

These photographs were shot off our television.  🙂  Love this scene of the Lake District, near Scotland I guess, in England
where the Potter family summered most years.  Miss Potter bought a house and working farm there and continued buying
properties to preserve the landscape for future generations.  The power of land trusts…
Miss Potter is a beautiful film and many of Beatrix’ original
furnishings are shared as well as one of the properties she saved
is used as the set for her “home” ~ Hilltop Farm, Near Sawrey.
This other property looks very similar to Hilltop and was refashioned to look like it from the outside for the shoot.
In total, Miss Potter bought 14 farms including Hilltop and
through a series of land trusts helped preserve over 4000 acres ~
and helping to save the Herdwick sheep from extinction ~
a gift to the people of England and to the world really through the
British National Trust.

Here is a better part of the British National Trust site
to see more about the filming and locations used in
Miss Potter.

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What’s your favorite period film?

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