A Little Softer, Faded 4th of July…

Happy 4th of July  to you all today!!!!

I love our country’s national day of celebration ~ remembering
today my ancestors who fought in the Revolutionary War
{on both sides} and enjoying the freedoms we now have as a separate independent country 242 years later.

Today I thought I’d share a little of the softer side of red, white and blue with you plus a few photos sharing our country’s lovely
stars and stripes ~ a couple not shown previously here
on the blog before.
Enjoy this little tribute to our beautiful 4th and her flag!

One of my favorites 

This sweet bicycle was found out at Ray Roberts Lake 
campground this past late winter/early spring as my friend
Carrie and I were hiking around and I posted just one photo
from our walkabout on my Instagram account.
I had my iPhone with me of course and that’s how I posted but I
has also brought along my heavier Canon camera in my backpack and this is one of those Canon shots.

I love the soft look of this all white bicycle and its pretty basket
of real pansy flowers in their little pots!
I did ask if it was okay to take the photograph and the owners
were pleased and more than happy to share its beauty. 
A bit of home while out on the road and camping…

Last year’s garden has our lovely American flags planted in this
flower pot but also shares some more pink white and blue in the form of soft flowers and just a pop of red in the flags and the
tomatoes ready for eating in the background.
Here the pink roses and our favorite Girls out in the garden share their clean pretty white look too.

I do have a bunch more American Flag photos but with the craziness around here lately, I haven’t got them all together
and I guess that’s why I decided to go with this softer side.
I do love our American flag but when flags fade a bit and their
colors are worn lighter they just fit me like a pair of faded
blue jeans fit ~ soft and comfortable!

I’m pretty sure I never shared this photo last year and I found it again as I was moving photos off of the computer and thought
it perfect for today’s post!

The Garden Girls haven’t been featured in a while and might be feeling left out since the “new girl in town” ~ our inside Maiden
~ tends to get in photographs a lot lately.
Here our tall girl looks a bit like The Statue of Liberty
with her old blue cornflower head wreath.

And a little more faded for you with this bow…

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Enjoy your 4th!

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