How to Create a Library in Small Spaces

Libraries although perhaps not quite as popular now with
today’s younger generation than with past generations due to
novel reading on tablets, computers and cell phones.
Despite new technology entering into the world of books
I think libraries can still hold a special place in the home.

They are wonderful to have on so many levels…

Libraries are easy and convenient to tuck anywhere and
within a small home this is especially true and a necessity.
Libraries with their books help give a home character ~ 
something that grounds the home and makes people feel
at ease when they come over to visit.

It’s always welcoming to go over to a friend’s home
and pick up a new book to read the jacket cover ~ you
may find a new author you’d like to try out and see if
you like their stories!

Library vignette

This little library vignette is easy to make with just a few
vintage hardcover books and one or two heavy objects
to help hold them up.
When picking books for small libraries pick books with
similar subjects or perhaps famous authors or even with cloth covers for your theme when you create
your vignette grouping.

Last Christmas I ended up decorating right around this little library of books I have collected over the past couple of years glamping.
Not having built or purchased small shelving for this location
a couple of pliable books became “a shelf” of sorts.

What is it about books?

Part of any library’s enchantment whether large or small is the taking down of a book and holding it in one’s hands ~ it is a
visual and weighty sensory experience.
You can smell them too which might seem odd but I have heard from many friends over the years that they love the smell of the newsprint on which book pages are usually

Books are invariably of different weights due to the number of pages each contains plus the physical size of each book.
I love coffee table books for their enormous size!

Do you remember in the 1995 version of Sense and Sensibility
when the youngest sister Margaret is reading her atlas in the library at their father’s house as his estate is being handed off to the new Mr. and Mrs. Dashwood.
(Emma’s character Miss Elinor Dashwood’s half-brother’s and wife) 
Mr. Ferrars (Hugh Grant) has come for a visit while his sister Fanny and John Dashwood are at the country estate.

He walks into the enormous library room with his sister and sees this enormous book on the floor next to a sofa table covered with a rug (of which Miss Margaret has just scurried underneath).
He rightly surmises that the noise he heard upon entering the room is the young person the family is searching for and with a quick push back of his toe he moves the book under the table and
out of Fanny’s view.

Love that scene!

Another good place to create a small library in the home is surrounding a wall mount television.
This shelf above in the Christmas photograph shows the built-in cabinets below the television create a natural area for showcasing anything from books to holiday vignettes.

Here we are blessed with both.

Create a mini library with an unused garden stand.

Other small libraries

Recently I posted this photograph on my Instagram sharing a
mini library we have in our living room ~ just one little shelf on this wrought iron plant stand is being used to hold some
faith based books at present.
Two of the three legs of this stand hold up this little

grouping and keep these books within arms’ reach.

Having a small table used as an extra library table like this
creates a rotating display of books and other items and
can be changed seasonally ~ an easy way
to refresh one’s home decor.

Of course having a beautiful rack to hold magazines
in one’s small library is lovely to keep out
on display!

The possibilities are endless with mini libraries in
small homes… and in large ones.
I am an advocate of small bookcases in every bedroom especially in children’s rooms to help promote good reading habits and to
help foster the next generation’s
love of reading.

The simple act of reading a favorite book
is a great way to relieve stress and to
take a trip to anywhere a story leads!
I’d love it if you’d share this photograph, thank you!

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Happy libraries to you!

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  1. I also prefer reading books on my smartphone, nevertheless, I have a small library at home. I am used to read a book on a smartphone and then buy it. Thus, I am creating my home library.

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