It’s Always Tea and Roses at French Ethereal!

Tea and roses  is an ever recurrent theme at a great many
of the tea parties I have shared here at French Ethereal.
Those two words for me go hand in hand…

Classic cream scones recipe shared in a past post around Christmas time ~ our previous trailer.
Whether   having tea in our backyard at our previous homes
or in either our current or past “RV prairie home”
sharing photos from tea parties with you and
sharing photographs of roses from my yard or in
store-bought bouquets is something
I truly enjoy.

Often it is just me for tea as my husband enjoys iced tea but he prefers coffee in the mornings when we breakfast together
on the weekends.
Sometimes I’ll bring tea cakes or scones with me to our
Bible Study group to share while we talk through
what we’ve just been learning.

A tea for two.

“The very act of preparing and serving tea encourages conversation.  The little spaces in time created by teatime rituals call out to be filled with conversation.  Even the tea itself ~ warm and comforting ~ inspires a feeling of relaxation and trust that fosters shared confidences.”   —  Emily Barnes

One of many vintage teacups and saucer sets I have ~ most currently packed away but ready to come out again soon.  🙂
The addition of roses at my teas came naturally as I began
growing roses at our very first apartments ~ it all began
innocently enough with three roses in pots.

A lovely rose found in the Biltmore rose garden.

In the past   I had many teas at my home for friends
I met through a group in Riverside County, California
called the Victorian Tea Society.
The group is still together and although it is just a small
group of women now compared to 20 years ago
they still get together for lunch once a month at
each other’s homes.
The friendships begun so many years ago are firmly
cemented in “taking tea.”

I am thinking that once we find our *next house I’d like
to start a new tea group.
 Isn’t it always fun to have a few friends come over for a
tea luncheon?
*We are looking at houses on a little land and I took my
hubby Mr. Ethereal to see one this week.
I hadn’t looked up the for-sale price until we returned
home from our drive…

It was listed only at $849,000.
Just a little over my price range ~
but perfectly situated!

A small pond, stables and corral, large metal workshop,
12 acres, a large home of 3800 sq. ft. {really too big}.
It sits up on a small bluff and the workshop, doughboy pool
and stables are down below.
Nice black angus relaxing out in the field near the pond.
Nice view of some of the surrounding area…

Our former Big House in Murrieta, California ~ still love this living room and the travertine marble floors we hand-laid.
The corner round cupboard held many of my rose strewn teacups and other sentimental treasures from my children.
For now though a new home will have to wait.

But tea and roses 
lives on…
My mother-in-law baked this chocolate cake with coconut
frosting for me for my birthday back when the above
photograph was taken.
Love her vintage transferware china with its colorful ethereal
flowers winding along each piece’s edges!

Souvenir de Malmaison pink roses and mini purple agapanthus ~ a favorite bouquet in summer.
This bouquet of roses was extra special as it was the bouquet
cut from our yard at its most beautiful in June ~ the day our
last home went on the market.

Some favorite roses since…
Loved this little garden we had when we first began
camping full-time.
The nice thing about having tea and roses together is
that like “home” they can travel with you
wherever you go.
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