Remembering… Memorial Day

Memorial Day  is a lovely way to remember our
fallen military members.
Recently I was driving home from Denton, Texas which
is the next big city just south of us here in Denton County
and as I was driving along the frontage road
a number of cars were stopped…

Last year’s garden with our American flags ~ long live our beautiful country. 🙂
Veterans  in Veterans of Foreign Wars jackets and hats
and members of other local Veterans groups
were parked here and there along the side of the road.
They had come early to set up posters and large flags to
honor a young soldier who
had died in service of this his beloved country.

His flag draped coffin would be passing this way soon
followed by his family members and friends who would be
burying him later that day.

He would be taking one last trip north on I-35
in a beautifully shined hearse.

I hope he saw these men and women

They came to be here for him ~ but mostly for his family
and friends ~ perhaps his parents and siblings
a young wife and maybe his young children
or maybe his fiancée or girlfriend.
I don’t know.
But, I do know that these Veterans were there to honor
a fallen military man who died in Afghanistan.

And he was a local.

Honor them

So today we honor him and the many, many other
service men and women and remember their sacrifice
with resolve in our hearts.
 To never falter when
terror comes to our doorstep.
To never give up when life gets tough because out there
someone has it tougher.
To make the most of our lives and really live.

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