10 Minute Faux Pumpkin Vase

Have you seen those stunning
pumpkin vases?
This season they seem to be cropping up
all over the place.

For fun I thought I’d try my hand at making one
out of a soft styrofoam pumpkin…

How to make a pumpkin vase

*Begin by picking a realistic looking styrofoam pumpkin.
This one was found in August at Wal-Mart.

*Use a long bread knife to cut off the pumpkin top.

*Vertically cut down into the pumpkin as deep as needed
to create the hole to hold a jar or cup to hold water.

*Scoop out the styrofoam with a firm metal spoon.

*Continue cutting and scooping until the hole is deep
enough to hide the top of the jar.
{unlike some of my photos… oops!}

Insert your jar filled with fresh water and a little
floral preservative if you like.

And voila your pumpkin vase is ready to grace
your festive holiday table!

I posted a short video the other day if you’d
like to check it out here.

Having a faux pumpkin vase on hand is
the perfect decoration
for those times when real ones
aren’t in season yet or when it’s too early
to carve your pumpkins.
Try your hand at carving other faux gourds ~
there are some really amazingly lifelike
fruits and vegetables out there
just ripe for your table decor!
What’s decorating your table this season??
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Happy fall crafting,

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