Add Sweet Vintage English Candy Boxes to Your Decor

While out shopping a few weeks ago I spied
this sweet candy box nestled at an antiques store
on a glass shelf almost hidden among 
the other treasures with its 
vintage likeness of 
Queen Elizabeth II 
of England on it…
It just had to come home with me.

I love old world style trinket boxes and this
candy box with its pitting and tiny rust spots
fits in with my decor perfectly!
The gilded swags and bows circling around the lid and
the base and its royal depiction of 
Elizabeth in her coronation dress and sash
when she ascended the throne as queen
at the age of 27 in 1953 ~ is
perfectly in line with my love
of all things royal!

I tried to turn the box’s top around for you to hide the seam line of the box
to the back as it’s a bit unsightly but it wouldn’t budge ~
so there we have it.

These candy boxes don’t come along that often
so if you find one be sure to
purchase it while you can.
They are wonderful for repurposing to hold
anything small ~ beads, jewelry, sewing supplies
{like I’ve used the one here}
or even to hold potpourri while leaving the lid open.
At $8.00 the Queen Elizabeth candy box
was a good buy.

Now I have a mini collection of two of these
vintage candy boxes!
I thought I wrote a little about finding the first
English candy box in an earlier post but I guess
I didn’t as I cannot find it.*

*I did finally find it ~ over on an Instagram post.  🙂
More things royal:  I’ve mentioned meeting Sarah, the Duchess of York, before.  If you’d like to read about
my meeting her and about this lovely Sarah’s Garden china set, please click HERE.

The square box on the left, above, I bought in England
while visiting my brother and his family
back during the spring of 2005.
I use it to hold small sewing supplies ~ it contains
a few loose buttons for those times
when one loses a pants or shirt button
a blue cloth measuring tape
some safety pins and extra
sewing machine needles.

This is how I have always used metal candy boxes 
ever since I was a young girl.
My mother had a large black chocolate tin
when I was young that my father had given her
for Valentine’s Day back in the mid-1960’s.
At some point I asked if I could have it for my
growing collection of sewing supplies.

My craft room at our last house as we had the house on the market.  The little square candy box can be seen on the sewing table.  I hoped the black tin might be in this photograph but it wasn’t out.  Usually that large round tin sat on the back shelving just to the right of this photograph where I could grab it easily when something inside was needed.

Sorry!  Blurry photo of the craft room closet with loads of supplies.

Happily, my mother said yes! and that nice round candy box
with sprays of roses and other flowers painted on its lid
has held ribbons, seam rippers,
zippers, buttons, and an old 1960’s-era
button card of snaps for baby clothes in it ever since.
My mother used those little snaps when making me and 
my brother Frank cute corduroy overalls
back when we were toddlers.

Charles, Earl Spencer, came to Design Bloggers Conference 2017 and spoke about his family home, Althorp House, and a new furnishings line by Theodore Alexander based upon many pieces of family furniture.
These two gilded boxes ~ one which held
sweet confectioneries and the other which
held tiny chocolates ~ will be moving about
our home in little vignettes as the
lovely 60-plus year old stars
that they are!

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Upcoming later this week…
I’ll be sharing a new tea party with you
continuing the British royal theme all week!

Blessings to you,

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