Out and About ~ Sweet Inspiring Gardens Nearby

This time of year I’m often dreaming of
gardens I’ve seen only in photographs.
You know the ones ~ those lovely
ethereal little window box gardens and 
small front yard gardens with
potted trees and annuals blooming madly
for people passing by.
I’m talking about the summer gardens
of France and England

I love those gardens with their cobblestone
streets and window boxes cascading their
pink and red blooms dripping

The homes and businesses themselves may be tudor 
style or ancient red brick faded to a gentle pink
and have thatched, slate or clay tile roofs.
Often painted brightly in bright yarrow yellows or
sunny ochre like the golden fields just outside of town
ready for the coming harvest.
With French blue trim surrounding windows and 
door frames and pretty white lace hanging within
these ethereal homes sit comfortably waiting
always cheerily awaiting
the next passersby…

Traveling window boxes and a small Norfolk pine bring home
wherever one roams.

Here on this prairie farm in Texas each gardener 
has planted their own inspiring vision of an enchanting garden.

Quiet walks around the park tell the tale
each new morning.

Chickadees, cardinals, sparrows, mourning doves and nightingales come to feed.
“Come sit a spell!”
chairs call out to neighbors
and newcomers alike.
A favorite spot for neighbors to come and catch up on local news.

Some gardens are more whimsical and some
a bit more rustic or romantic.
Each tries to inspire and to magically capture
the hearts of wanderers who find their way
to its hidden spot.

Mr. Turtle welcomes all who visit!
Texas cobblestones namely limestone cover each
area’s drive and pave the roadways.
Gardeners incorporate this stone into their
mini gardens just like our European cousins
across the Pond do with their cobbles.
The little gardens here are quietly gentle and share
that same je ne sais quoi as their sisterly
European gardens.

Quietly inviting visitors to enjoy
their peaceful repose.

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