The Japanese Gardens at Ft. Worth Botanical Gardens

This lovely arched bridge
crossing between the two sides of the 
at the
Fort Worth Botanical Gardens…

This photo reminds me of 
Claude Monet’s
Le Bassin aux nymphéas
one of a series of waterlily paintings he created ~
this one painted in 1919.
{click on the highlight above to see his painting}

Sounds of running water were heard everywhere within the Japanese garden… sigh!

Perfect peacefulness…

When we visited a few weeks ago
many sparrows, a few doves and other birds
were hopping busily about
picking up little bug snacks and pecking
worms and creatures out of the ground.
Robins especially!

This little furry friend
was waiting for someone, anyone
to leave him some of the fish pellets
when we were near the koi resting
in a shaded area of the pond.

Traveling around
we came across several of these pillared
I’m sure they have a specific purpose
but to me 
they look a bit like letter boxes.
{Wouldn’t this make a lovely postal box?}
Small groves of giant bamboo and nandina
a tinier bamboo cousin
were scattered about helping to
block unsightly views while creating
lovely shaded areas ~ perfect places

Several crane statues perched upon
stones ~ one in a pool…
{not in the Japanese garden, I remembered, but still fits}

… and these within awaiting 
a visit from 
their real counterparts.
Several turtles poked their heads up out
of the cool waters
others were out along the shoreline.
One box turtle was stationed just outside
this garden and the gift shop.
{sorry, no photo on my camera… just on my iPhone.}

Another magical view of the bridge.

Then we came across these little stalagmite
type tree roots 
looking ever like little gnomes
taking a sunbath along the water’s edge…
The restroom sign was just funny
posted there
now it’s leading the gnomes
“to the facilities.”

Well, the program is telling me
it can’t or won’t upload any more photos
it must be time to send this 
to you.

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