Places to Visit ~ The Rose Garden at Ft. Worth Botanical Gardens

Sweet pale yellow roses growing up against the stone wall near the Lion Fountain ~ perhaps “The Yellow Rose of Texas?”
The Rose Garden
at the
Fort Worth Botanical Gardens
I wrote about recently is definitely 
worth a trip to the gardens.
Come take a look!

The stone lion fountain ~ part of the Shelter House under structure.

The Rose Garden

I was pretty sure the first time I saw the rose garden
that it was based off of the beautifully structured 
gardens of Europe ~ and I was right!

A posted placard placed in the garden shares 
the garden’s inspiration came from the Italian and French Renaissance way of landscaping.  This sign also tells 
how the rose garden was begun during the Great Depression 
using special funds set aside to 
put people to work.

Terrible photograph, I know, as it was around 2:00 in the afternoon and the sunlight was on my view finder.  I had to “guess” when taking the shot.  I blew up this photograph so you could read the story about how the garden came to be.  🙂

When we went there about three weeks ago now,
pansies were massively blooming,
azaleas and orchids were just past prime
and the recent storms hadn’t been kind to
the roses.
Some were ready to open
others had lots of buds on them
but there were enough
that the garden didn’t disappoint!

These DO look like the Double Knock Out rose shown on the Star Roses website.  

Roses look funny to me on film
as they always look a bit

Because we didn’t get over to the rose garden until after lunch, I increased the color on the photo above a little bit but not much.
It was a little too washed out otherwise.
I was surprised that the boxwood surrounding
each planter weren’t filled in
but perhaps
this replanting of the rose garden
is fairly new…
Something for me to ask next time.
*Checking on the Fort Worth botanical Gardens website for the Rose Garden:
the rose garden is being replanted with roses due to a disease I haven’t
heard of before ~ the deadly “rosette disease virus.”

Love the vertical shrubs shaped into “trees!”

I love the shapes

The conical shrubs were junipers if I remember correctly
and the hedges are Japanese boxwood.
I had 100 of those planted in my
Big House garden.
Historically, after looking at the 
Fort Worth Botanical Gardens website
red roses were what were originally planted
in the rose garden.
These single and double petalled beauties
are what grow best in
North Central Texas.

My neighbor Marian who went with me to
the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens
said these roses are 
Knockout Roses.

I always thought that Knockout Roses
was a brand and not an actual
type of rose
I learned that yes Knockout roses are a family
of roses.

There are test gardens here on the grounds, too,
though I didn’t get over there much.
{Something to look forward to next time!}

I did snap a photo of one sign I found identifying
one particular ruby red rose:

Funny, the reason I shot this photo wasn’t for
what was etched into it…
It was the cute green gecko I found!
{At least I think he’s a gecko… it’s been so long since we lived in Hawaii and have seen one!}

Personally, I could have stayed
in the rose garden
just studying all the roses
but it was getting to be time
to beat the traffic heading home…
I raced about taking photos
{really it was much slower, but I knew I was out of time.}

The gardens travelled forward through the main Renaissance rose garden back to the left where these next photographs were taken.

I love the basket weave structure of these fences!
Wouldn’t this be lovely to put in your garden?
I love basket weave in wicker furniture
in garden structures and 
I guess that it follows my heart
or rather 
my heart follows it…

Our new bench outside found at Wayfair online.
My Big House gardens with chubby fat overgrown boxwoods… 🙂
I’ve been writing a little lately about taking
interior design outdoors
but also 
learning from what others
before us have done
is another lovely way to incorporate
their designs into your own ~ such is the case
in my own little gardens.
I certainly would like to incorporate lattice fencing
like this and more boxwood and roses
into my next home gardens…

Another shot that just couldn’t be fixed but still very readable ~ I love reading these placards when I go somewhere!
Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed this little
tour of the Rose Gardens at
Fort Worth’s beautiful botanical gardens.
Tomorrow I’ll post the
Japanese Gardens… just too much for
one post.
{But you don’t mind, do you? Gardens are sooo worth exploring!}

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