A Little Montana for Us… More from the 64th Annual California RV Show, Pomona

Checking out the 2017
Keystone Montana 3811
at the
RVIA 64th Annual California RV Show
last week in Pomona…

I think we found two that are

“in the running…”
If you checked out my last post
RVIA 64th Annual California RV Show
in Pomona
then you saw a preview of this fifth wheel trailer.
Hubby was having a good time 
checking out the 
Premier Package’s
 features on this model
which include a residential refrigerator, the side~by~side range cooktop, 
a larger oven, a back~up camera installed at the outside rear of
Montana’s with the premier package.
Residential refrigerators are being made by
as well as other manufacturers
which is really neat!
Really, really liking the size of the refrigerators!

We have been looking for quite some time
for a larger RV for our needs, as you may know.
The theater seating on this model includes cupholders
and reclining leather seats.
You can order light, medium or dark leather 
depending upon which decor package is available 
either on the lot or by special order.
I am leaning towards a lighter look
though practicality says I ought to be looking
towards something a bit darker.

This bedroom is in the  four~season 
Montana 3811MS
that we really liked.
It has a kitchen in the middle
similar to the photo where my husband is looking
in the refrigerator.
The bedroom here is in the forward part 
of the fifth wheel which would sit over the truck bed 
when attached for hauling.
The window seat has a good amount of storage
though removing all or most of the pillows
to get to that compartment
may be a small challenge for some.

I really liked the storage in this model
as there is room for a full~size washer and dryer to sit
side~by~side in the cabinets shown above on the right.
We liked the residential feel to this Montana model particularly
because of this dressing area separating 
the bedroom from the bathroom area.  
There is a pocket door to close off 
the bathroom so one person
could be showering
while the other still snoozed away
keeping everyone happy.
Part of me would want a stacking unit but that 
couldn’t be accommodated in this model.
However, it is available in other Montana models!

Looking to the left hand bank of cabinets in the changing area
there is another hanging closet space for his and her clothing
with open space below for sweaters and other accessories
as well as for shoes down on the open bottom.
Plenty of storage in this unit is one of the amenities
Hubby and I really liked!
For the price, we feel this is a 
good bet for our needs.
Pivot doors on many Montana models
make it easy to get in and out of the bathroom.
Showers latch open for traveling and a full~size sink 
with a 
big mirrored cabinet
over the sink
will hold all the necessary toiletries
and medicines
for long trips or for full~time RVing ~
a feature that will really appeal to buyers!
One last look in the kitchen… {sorry this is sooo dark!}
The Premier Package includes a whole integrated master computer
control system that can be uploaded to your computer or phone
which can turn on lights, heat, whatever needs to be done
from wherever you are.
Also included in all the Montana models we looked at
are these pop~up towers to plug in appliances
and for charging todays computers and smart phones.
With plenty of cabinet space and table and chairs 
in the street~side pop~out {shown here on the right}
next to the theater seating area, we really liked the Montanas 
and are leaning in this direction…
Stay tuned as we look to trade our
Tiny Home
 for a big bigger one!
If you are in the market for an RV
I hope this little tour of the Montana 3811
will help give you an idea of 
what’s out there.
As always, feel free to share!
Thank you!
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Happy camping!

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