Places to Visit ~ The California RV Show in Pomona

As we came in the entrance to the show, we found these cuties!  Not sure if these are vintage or retro but Super Cute!!!
This past Monday my hubby and I 
took a date~day off from work for our anniversary and 
went to check out all the new RVs 
up at the 
California RV show 
at the 
Pomona Fair Grounds. 

Perfect little caravans for a weekend getaway!  We actually see tiny RVs from time to time at The Lake.

 A little over 1 1/2 hours away from our little home
in the Temecula Wine Country, happily not too much traffic was in our path
to get to the California RV show.

Fall was definitely part of the overall theme of the show and 
we were excited to see so many brands of travel trailers, 
fifth~wheels and motor homes represented at this year’s show! 
Hubby and I covered the entire field of some 
one million square feet of RVs during our seven hours 
walking in and out of fifth wheels and coaches.

This is the Keystone Montana 3811 that we are considering.  Gorgeous on the outside and incredible on the inside!

We headed to the area where the
Keystone Montana
fifth wheel RVs were
and began looking at this year’s models from
all the different vendors

New features this year on the Keystone Montanas:  side~by~side three burner cooktop and a larger oven below.
I thought about writing down a log for each photograph 
a little too late or I’d be able to tell you which RV 
a certain photograph was taken in by model number.
So, next show I’ll do that for you!

A new feature I especially like on the 2017 Montanas is the new 
style of range cooktop ~ more like a conventional gas range for the home.
This side~by~side burner arrangement is 
much more practical 
than the standard three~burner RV range which has a 
large burner in the front and two smaller burners to the rear
on the left and right 
{think set up like bowling pins}.
Having lived in our Tiny Home trailer for over a year now
I can tell you that having a range more in line with what I had
at our Big House would make full-time living much easier!
The addition of a deeper oven {a second new feature} 
means having the ability to cook 
a larger range of meals, too.
I personally like to bake whole chickens and make
many varieties of muffins so having a deeper oven which 
won’t burn my baked creations is a Big Deal!
I almost forgot! The convection microwave oven
in this year’s Montana series is full~size.
Something to know about working in a kitchen
in an RV ~ your range cooktops and ovens
run on propane
your RV refrigerator will, too, if you have a
power outage or are traveling on the road.
Something you may NOT know about if you are new to RVs.

Here’s one of the onboard restrooms with a full~size shower
and a larger sink
{something I am really looking forward to having!}.

This model has good his~and~her closet space for 
hanging clothes as well as a goodly number of drawers
to store all your clothing
whether as a full~time RVer
or for that weekend getaway.
This unit has a separate closet for a stackable washer and dryer.
Over~bed storage and underbed storage are also good features
in most of the RVs we toured.
There’s even a Montana that has a full~size bathtub, two lavatories
and a separate shower {seen just off to the far left}!
Now THIS is luxury living!

Anyway, I knew this post was going to be long
but I wanted to give you a good overview
of the RV show
in case you’d like to head to the show
this weekend there at the Pomona Fair Grounds.
I’ve included a link in the bolded
wording up at the top of this post
which will take you to the
RVIA’s 64th Annual California RV Show website.
Next post I’ll share which one we are looking at
and its features, plus share some other fifth wheels and motorhomes
 that we found which were beautiful and had good features, too!
Happy Friday to you!
Let me know if you enjoyed this post.
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I have some other exciting news
but will share it as it develops…
Blessings to you, and have
a great weekend!
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