A Little Toile de Jouy Fall Table Styling

I love it when an idea leads 
naturally into the next
as this little toile de jouy fall table~styling 
came about 
just this way!

I love dressing a beautiful table
and creating those
Super Easy Toile de Jouy Pumpkins
were the inspiration…

A light breeze was blowing and the 
golden glow
from the sun sitting low in the sky created a 
piece of France 
in my own front yard.
 A folding table draped with lace
became a stage 
as favorite white dessert plates became
characters in this play. 
Purple Tupperware plates 
took on the supporting role as chargers
along with the
turquoise Tupperware glasses.

Sweet gilded acorns found at
scattered here and there
along with a few candles
almost completed the scene.
Toile once again makes its appearance
in a third act with the 
blue toile
coming out stage right
as simple napkins tied gently
with the same lace used to 
make the red toile pumpkin.

The toile pumpkin proudly sits front and center
at the head of the table
with an overflowing basket of dried blooms.

Our lovely lady ~ one of my “Girls” ~ 
came to the show
dressed in her finest.

And of course
chocolate is always a welcome

All the world’s a stage
Didn’t Shakespeare say that?
Our setting here would certainly agree!
I hope you have enjoyed this little
table styling show.
Thank you for stopping by and I hope you’ll drop by
next week as we wander to some places we visited on our 
14 state driving tour this summer
but haven’t been 
shared here with you yet.
We will begin with visiting the 
Great State of Texas.
As always I’d love it if you’d share!!!

Blessings to you,

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