Living in Small Spaces ~ Creative Campers!

Hawaiian~style canned ham camper!

I’ve entitled this blogpost
“Living in Small Spaces ~ Creative Campers”
as it might seem really cramped at first 
to live this way 
every day,
like many other things in 
our busy changing lives
we get used to it!

Today I thought I would share a couple of 
sweet campers 
that I’ve seen here lately.
I snapped this “canned ham” charmer 
up at the main entrance
on a recent Friday evening.
Isn’t it just darling?!
Oh, yeah!
I’ve seen my share of “off the RV block”
campers and motorized homes,
but the most endearing 
are the self-made and/or refurbished
camping homes.
The owners of the palm tree~sporting beauty in the 
leading photograph are a fun couple who are
in a group of like-minded campers:
folks who love to “get out there and do!”
On the back of this little gem is the logo for
Sisters on the Fly.
(a reference to women who like to fly-fish, that is their logo)

If you’ve never heard of Sisters on the Fly
it’s a group of women who have their own RVs 
and who love to get together once a month or so
in a pre-planned adventure camping in the great outdoors.
{fishing is optional!}
The cost of a weekend trip includes your food and
is basically a great get-away just for women.
(no husbands, no kids, be nice, have fun! ~ and sometimes no pets ~ depends on the event hostess!)
Doesn’t that sound like your kinda get-away?
Yep, sounds wonderful to me!

photograph courtesy of Sister on the Fly

Click on the link below to go to the
Sisters on the Fly 

Do check out their website, the amazingly cool painted campers
and the decor! Really Fun! REALLY FABULOUS!
You can be really decorative in your RV and
make it your own!
I’ve started a couple of changes inside our little home
that I will be sharing later this spring, and
Just this week I found a darling trailer 
with its Shabby Chic~colored bunting
“Hoppy Easter!”
And, one last one that I posted right before Christmas
was this family’s darling trailer:

Just sooo charmingly 
with an outdoor faux Christmas tree and twinkle lights!
(Sorry about my bad, blurry cell phone photo!)

If you have a travel trailer, a fifth-wheel
or a motorhome,
do decorate and make it your own!
That’s up on the docket for me this spring and summer…

Blessings and a Happy Monday
to you,

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