Going to Atlanta!

Around New Year’s
I entered a contest...

 I won!!!!!

I never really thought I had a chance to win
French Ethereal
is still very much a little fish in a big pond
of bloggers…

wishes really can come true!
Five entrants were chosen among all of the bloggers 
who entered
I’ll be writing to you from Atlanta
in early March
from the
Design Bloggers Conference!

Until then, here are some pictures 
from around
“our little home.”

Spring is in the Air around our place
and after a good clean-up the yard is starting
to look really nice!

Last weekend I potted a new tea rose and planted another
in the front planter along with two Spanish lavender plants
and some sweet alyssum to fill-in in this big planter
to the right in this photo.

As they all start budding and filling in,
I’ll share their progress
with you.

What wonderful plants 
have you been planting lately??

Dandelion seed pod of exceptional beauty
taken today at school with my iPhone 5C!

Have a wonderful week
Happy Early Spring!

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