Boxing Day Boating Adventure

ethereal egret!
“Hello, when you get done with your shift, 
would you like to go out for a boat ride?”
“Of course!!!”

Saturday morning,
the day after
I was working up in the kiosk helping 
check in 
brave enough to weather the 30 degrees 
in hopes of catching 
“The Big One”
striped bass, trout and other freshwater fish
in the clear, cold waters of 
Lake Skinner…
When a call came in…
It was for me!

{Sorry Ladies, he’s taken!!!}

One of our rangers called to ask if I’d like to go out on the lake
for a boat ride!!!
I had just brought my camera up that morning to shoot some shots
out front of the kiosk
when there would be a lull in folks
coming to the lake
with the lovely “white light” that I like.

Rangers here go out on the lake
to check on fishermen
to look for any problems.
Today, tho?
It was just pure magic!

telephoto shot
water treatment plant along the northeastern shore

interesting angles

the first shot of our cormorant…
a cormorant in flight ~ so ethereal!

When I was done with my shift, 
I met Ranger Tyler
down at the boating ramp
and off we headed out on the water in a sweet T-style motorized boat.
(see how technical I am… huh?)

These are the highlights 
the day’s photo shoot…

May this little montage
photos bring you a little peace
in the beginning of this
New Year!

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