Belated Christmas Wishes!

On a Saturday early in December, I put on Josh Groban’s Christmas CD
and happily wrapped presents that would be heading to our son and his girlfriend in South Dakota,
 and for our daughter who still lives “at home”…  Homemade bows and gift tags were on the docket
that day!
Happy Christmas and a New Year’s Wishes
to you!
I hope you had a lovely Christmas Day
with family and friends.

We spent the day enjoying our first Christmas day
out in our new little

A small card that I have had sitting in a drawer just waiting to be used… a little Scotch tape on the backside of its clear plastic cover stuck it beautifully to the wall of our camper ~ a copy to the large lithograph that lived in our bedroom
and is now waiting in storage.
I’ve been giving our little blog a lot of thought
this season…

It came to me a few days ago that with the changes we have undergone with our move this year,
French Ethereal
will also be undertaking some changes with the
New Year.

The folks at our campground are trying to get us better
internet service,
I am hopeful I can get back to blogging
on a more regular basis!
(this would be wonderful!)

Also, I am hoping to decorate once in a while with some of our “goodies” from storage!
I have thought of several things to do and share with you
barring lots of rain!
We have a little “shed” just behind where our trailer is parked
now and it now contains storage shelves for extra food stuff
as well as our vacuum and our Christmas present 
to each other ~ a new chest-style freezer!
(We can now eat and cook!)

Santa and Mrs. Claus sit on my little “shelf,” really the cornice box surrounding the window
to the left side of our queen bed.

French Ethereal will morph a bit into French (Camp) Ethereal
as I am working on decorating outside and will be getting
out in the garden more…
I’ll share more posts about the wildlife around here,
maybe some sweet hoof prints and hopefully catch
some of that wildlife on film for you!

A horribly blurry shot of the cutest camper all dressed for Christmas!
I blame it on the wind ~ not my lack of a tripod… 😉

Sharing with
Feathered Nest Friday @ French Country Cottage

Here’s to a wonderful 2016!
Happy New Year to you all!!!  🙂

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