Our Home…

Second bathroom is done ~ passed inspection last week! Yeah!

Happy Summertime!
Evenings are so wonderful this time of year…
We can go for long walks,
everyone is out bicycling, or running, or walking their dogs,
and playing at the parks,
 or just hanging out with friends.

We are no exception! Yoda is looking at me right now
We may go in a bit… :)’
(that’s Yoda and his tongue!)

Tonight I thought I’d share our finished bathroom
and a few rooms all cleaned-up
in the house.

Here are the dining room and living rooms
all dressed for summer!
Many of the teacups

usually stored in the corner-round cupboard

have gone to storage for now.

The chandy is still wearing its
usual crystal finery and a few geese
which are sometimes out at Christmas…

Upstairs, here is my craftroom!
(my happy place!)
Usually, there’s a bit more stuff on the tables,
(okay, A LOT more stuff!)
so I am happy that it is pretty clean so I can share it with you. 

The ceiling was blue when we moved in 12 years ago,
and I was yearning for a pink room
back then,
mostly due to
Romantic Homes



that’s how we got the pink and blue room.
The beige striped/rose balloon shades came with
us from our first home
here in Murrieta.
Some of them I sold to my friend Sandy
who really, really loved them!


On another note,
I am finally finishing the second 
settee cover ~
that’s the pleated skirt by the sewing machine

upstairs in the Craft Room

that I am finishing up.

Been working on it for a couple of evenings now
after painting in the house.
(this is typical for me… I finish big projects when I am on long vacations from school)

I was able to sew on the piping yesterday morning.
With the settee’s legs,
this piping and skirt needed to sit roughly 9″ off the floor.
So nice that the travertine is so even!
Made it a dream to set a thick ruler 
vertically on the ground
and measure upwards along the body of the slipcover
to put pins and pencil markings.
(I have already cut-off the excess fabric.)

Tomorrow I hope to get the pleats sewn on.
Here’s hoping that I have enough fabric sewn on this time!

Our lovely bedroom
with our one-year-old California King mattress set!
(one of the best things we have EVER purchased!)
These curtains are Rachel Ashwell’s
Simply Shabby Chic
curtains bought at Target long ago.
You can still find them at flea markets and such,
as I have seen them out there.

They all began life as 84″ panels.
The shortened ones on the three windows seen here
at the end of the room, were cut to fit these windows 
about 8″ additional to make the curtain rod casing and ruffled edging
at the top
and the matching, thick casing at each curtain hem.
Each new curtain is double-width the window
for fullness.
In the sitting area,
those curtain panels are just shortened versions
to make a valance.
The longer ones made could have worked
on this window, too, and I tried one,
but I just didn’t like how it looked
with the window seat.

The t.v. stand/entertainment center,
Hubby and I built with a $100 gift card
from good friends about eight years ago.
We also had a bunch of scrap plywood
in the garage
and that is what made up the DVD/Blue-Ray shelves
(which can hold DVD’s four rows deep!).
Hubby drilled holes in the sides so the shelves
can be raised to whatever height is needed.

The rest of the cabinet is just 2 x 4’s,
and an 8′ sheet of thick plywood for the very top piece,
and a pre-made piece of oak for the piece holding
the television.
That was my hubby’s favorite t.v. ~ 65″ of movie viewing!
The twin lined baskets are also
Rachel Ashwell ~ Simply Shabby Chic.

just a teaser from an upcoming
summer garden post!

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Happy Friday to you!
Blessings wished for you ~ always,  🙂

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