A Glowing New Look for Our Master Bedroom/Bathroom

Aaaaaahhhhhhh!!! Can we all breathe a collective sigh of relief? Usually when I paint from room to room, like I did the first year we moved into our last home, I painted the master bedroom and bathrooms last, working on the children’s bedrooms and living spaces first. Over the course of seven months, I repainted most of the house as it needed freshening up. This time, I decided to do our bedroom first since it is just us now, and it is the darkest room in the home even with all the windows it has.

I love yellows, which is what I painted in our first home’s master bedroom, and I thought about painting this room a soft yellow but chose to go more French European.

In our second home, I painted over a bright yellow color in that master bedroom with a soft rag rolling of white over top. It was just enough to tone down the yelllow and it turned into a lovely soft pale yellowish color, which we loved. Just the one wall behind the bed was left the original color and to that I added French trefoil stamps in gold.

For our new home here in Texas, the walls and ceilings throughout the house are painted a deep coffee color. I liked it at first ~ a bit more contemporary, more transitional. However over time and especially in summer, when the angle of the sun doesn’t hit inside the living/family rooms or this bedroom much, I knew we needed to paint a lighter, softer color that would really bounce around what sunlight does come inside.

Hence the move to Valspar’s “Comet Dust” (#773956) in eggshell. It is a lovely light Gustavian grey which pairs well with off-the-shelf Valspar Ultra White (#773957) in satin. I found Comet Dust back when we were remodeling the kids’ bathroom in California to sell the house. The finished bathroom ended up feeling so much lighter with the removal of an un-needed wall to the tub and bath but which in the early 1990’s was put in to hide the changing ceiling height of an added dormer. We embraced the changes and opening it up made all the difference!

I loved how this bathroom turned out!

“Comet Dust” on the walls paired well with the travertine look-alike tile flooring we had installed, which then in turn worked well with the real 20″ x 20″ travertine pavers we designed and laid ourselves downstairs (after ripping out the 20+ year old carpet).

So while watching favorite garden shows on YouTube (Garden Answer) and listening to SiriusXM radio, the coffee color disappeared! That and about 100 hours of priming and painting throughout the three spaces ~ commode, bathroom and bedroom ~ over two months or so has given us a beautiful change!

I’ll share a little home tour soon, but with freshly washed inside windows (rain washes the outside lately, though they really need a good scrub!), the bedroom is coming along. Thought you’d enjoy seeing some of the “in process!”…

Enjoy your summer’s day, friends,

Barb πŸ™‚

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