Sunday Sentiments ~ Wither Thou Go[est]…

“Have a Nice Day!” ~ a little sticker found on this yellow post on my way back to the car after Easter service a few years ago.
For weeks and weeks now
I have been praying and asking God for an answer…

You know when you want to hear the answer you WANT to hear
God isn’t answering you, or is saying NO
you whine, you plead, you beg, you keep praying
the answer is still unchanged?

I had to get to this week, this evening.
(Saturday, June 20th, 2015)
Tonight, Hubby and I were watching a movie that we

have known about now for over a year,
God’s Not Dead,
and the answer came to me that
we had to be stripped to the bone,
just like many of the apostles did in Jesus’ time…

Matthew 4:18 ~ While walking by the Sea of Galilee, he saw two brothers, 
Simon (who is called Peter) and Andrew his brother, casting a net into the sea, 
for they were fishermen. 
19 And he said to them, “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.”
20 Immediately they left their nets and followed him.

Most of you don’t know about our troubles
and I’ve certainly kept it that way as I didn’t want to burden you,
nor was it fair to you to do so.
But, now I feel I can share this with you all.
We are having to sell our house as my husband
lost his job 9+ months ago
and we no longer can afford to keep it
without risking it going into foreclosure.
it is on the market.

Three weeks ago we made the decision to sell
when it became apparent
we needed to do so.
We got the biggest storage unit we could find,
and bought a bunch of boxes
(and got a few from some friends ~ thank you!!!)
and started packing.

Until today, I have been really sad, crying at times,
furious at what has been happening,
really angry with God.
But God was unfazed by my rantings…

On our honeymoon 28 years ago
I found a little scherrenschnitte,
a little hand-cut sign with green paper behind the lettering
that reads:
“Wither Thou Goest, I will go.”

All these years, to me 
it has meant that
I will follow my husband wherever he goes,
just like our wedding vows about
loving in sickness and health, in wealth and poverty.
(I don’t go gracefully into poverty, let me tell you!)

I have followed him with our small USMC moves.
I love adventure!
Moving has always been fun!

However, all this time, I thought this 
small little sign

tacked up on one of our private walls

was just about Charles and me,

tonight it became crystal clear that this sign
is also a vow between 
God and me.

I would love to share a photograph of
“Wither Thou Goest”
but it is packed away and over in storage
that will have to be for
another time…

Last July, when I started writing
French Ethereal
I dedicated it to God.
It was to be my way of sharing
with you.

Quietly, as a friend, like the Holy Spirit
when he comes into your life
after you go through a water baptism
after accepting Christ’s love,
that Christ Jesus died
on a cross at Calvary for you, to save you, to wash away your sins.
So simple, really…
Recognize that we all are sinners
(sinning is the act of “missing the mark” and not things right).
Just ask God to forgive you of your sins,
to ask God to come into your life and He will!
He makes our lives as clean as snow!
A little plate we have with a painting by Christian artist and author, Sandy Lynam Clough.  Her website is: http://www.sandysteasociety.com.  Newer items by Ms. Clough, like sweet mugs, are available at Christianbook.com. Enjoy!

As French Ethereal comes up on its
one year anniversary
I still am dedicating this site to

It’s that important!

God’s not finished with me yet,
though He hasn’t shown Hubby and me all His pathways
He says He will be there for us.
Even when we mess up…
He re-washes us as white as snow.Always a good thing!

Blessings to you on this
Happy Fathers’ Day,

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