Happy Memorial Day!

In honor of Memorial Day,
in the evenings, after work 
or after working around the house,
Hubby and I have been watching some war movies
and a really neat British documentary…

Today, I thought we’d do a tour of all things red, white and blue
at our home
and share some of those favorite stories…

Possibly a morning glory, but since I am thinking of poppies…
The documentary we just saw two nights ago is on
Netflix and was about
Capt. Eric “Winkle” Brown
a British RAF pilot who tested and flew an
unsurpassed amount of aircraft (about 485!)
from the biplane era all the way into the jet age!
It is called
Britain’s Greatest Pilot: The Extraordinary Story of 
Captain Winkle Brown

I shared a link on my Facebook page so you can
watch this documentary yourself.

I am not able to get a photo for you,

I’m sorry! 

A tea I gave for the ladies from my old group, the Shabby Chic(s), from the Victorian Tea Society here in our area ~ from a few years ago.  I hadn’t painted the chairs yet… 😉  Sorry the photo is so blurry! This was taken with my iPad.

This past month, we watched the
Battle of the Pacific, the series that came out after
Band of Brothers, (also another favorite series)
which we rewatched during the winter.

Hubby and I have a lot of discussions about 
the different wars, and his own, the Gulf War, but 
usually we talk about WWII.
We both like history.


Being born into a military family
(my father was in the US Army in the 1950’s and after his enlistment, he got out and went to college and went into the US Air Force as an officer.
He retired as a lieutenant colonel.),
I loved living on Air Force bases growing up!

My brothers and our Koala bear family ~ a tradition we still share with our own kids today. We had 17 of these bears at one time. One of mine got chewed up by one of our dogs once here in California; however, most of them survive. They all had names. This is probably 1972.
My mother took this photo of my father and us kids at Sea Life Park.  Great place to visit on Oahu when you go!
Here we lived on Hickam Air Force Base, Oahu, Hawaii
from 1971-1974.

(I’m always the one taking the pictures… ;))
We were one year in Wahiawa prior to that time.
Those plumeria trees, we used to climb to pick flowers
to make into leis for our teachers and given out each
May Day as a thank-you for
being our teachers!!!
For my own children, we always gave little presents
to their teachers.
So important to say thank you and
to them the respect
they deserve. 

Tips on making a flower lei:
(Good this time of year for graduations, etc.)
*Fill a brown paper bag full of flowers
*Get some thread and make a double strand about 3′ long
threading on a needle.
*Sting each flower from the sepal either through the head
or just through the green sepal part under the flower head.
*String as many flowers as needed and tie off your lei.
*Keep lei(s) in the refrigerator until school/event next day!!!

Perhaps, like me, you’ve bought
your poppy
out front of your local store
to remember the fallen…

Have a lovely Memorial Day…
Thank a Veteran when you see one
for his or her service.

Blessings to you,

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