All Hallow’s Eve

I’m not  really a big Halloween fan


Last spring I was playing around photographing out 
in the backyard.
It was evening and I was shooting with my iPad
and two images came up that had a 
ghostly quality about them.

I saved them just for today!!!

(I like the grainy quality of these photographs.  Hope you do, too!)

Although I don’t decorate other than bringing in some
pumpkins inside or creating sparkly pumpkins
much on Halloween these days
I do like to decorate for fall.
I took this photograph recently and our Garden Lady and she did look a bit spooky out there.

Usually the kids carve pumpkins and we do
pass out candy and we used to also
pass out cute little
scripture cards with fun little critters
dressed up in cute costumes.

As the kids have grown older and our son
is away in South Dakota at his university,
only our daughter is home
so we are decorating more simply
and she carves one or two
simply smiling pumpkins
to light up on Halloween to greet
little trick-or-treaters!

Happy Halloween!

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