New Chandy!

My husband  found this sweet little chandelier
recently for me and am very happy he
brought it home!

Over the years I have found that I have a love of sparkly crystal chandeliers but there is never usually the budget for buying more of them.  So… when this one arrived from my hubby
it was a welcome gift!

A friend of mine, Kathy, has more than a dozen iron and crystal chandeliers of varying sizes and shapes that she uses for lighting
and as decoration in her three-bedroom home.
(I think she has fourteen total inside and outside under patio covered areas) 
It is amazing to go to her home and see them all!
Soooooo beautiful!

This little chandelier was part of items Mr. Ethereal brought home as donations to our track and field program through my husband’s workplace.  This however was saved specifically for a gift for me!  It was a misdirect from another company which didn’t want it returned.  🙂
The new little beauty I am thinking about adding some gilding and over-painting it with white.
Then I’ll sand off some of the white paint so a little of the
gold and black will show through ~ wouldn’t that be
super cute?!
With it’s little crystal “flower buds” and the metal leaves
I think that the added colors would really make
it pop.

This next photograph shows our dining room chandelier.
It is just a generic 1990’s brass one that came with the
house but it looks lovely with added crystals and 
glass bobeches.

Here’s the little chandelier I have in the craftroom that I found in Chandler, Arizona along with a vintage desk that I brought back from my family’s Easter trip to visit family in Texas, 1998.

Sweet rose garlands and grapevines are draped across the dining room chandelier’s lower arms for summer. The pearl garland went on at Christmas time a year ago and has just stayed.

This photograph shows our dining room chandelier all decorated.
It is just a generic 1990’s brass one that came with the house
but it looks lovely with added crystals and glass bobeches.

Here is that same dining room chandy decorated
with a couple of ropes of faux greenery for
Christmas time.
{Sorry the photograph is so blurry! Was taken with my first iPhone or my
really old flip phone… LOL!}

*Update 2018*
Still love this open dining and living room combination
with its travertine marble flooring that we installed
ourselves (Hubby and my daughter) and with a
compass rose in the entryway floor that I designed.
The 1990’s chandy looked lovely in every season as I
finally realized it’s really fun to decorate one’s chandelier
with different hanging baubles throughout the year!
Here in this incarnation the chandy has little swans
hanging among its crystal drops.

Here is another photo of this new-to-me sweet little chandelier
with its crystal “blooms” sparkling in the light.
A favorite teacup and saucer decorated with juicy sweet
summer strawberries
sits on a little display shelf in the background.

I was also thinking I might like to hang it above the window seat
in our master bedroom ~ this window seat area is a great place
to hang out and read or sit and watch t.v.
Our daughter enjoys sitting there reading when I’m just

sitting and reading in my little chair
{The white slipcover can just be seen peeping out in the lower left of this photograph.}

Part of me also wants to add it to the craft room because I have another vintage one in there and the two would be fun hanging together!!
Plus it would make for better lighting at nightime ~
always an issue in this bedroom-turned-craftroom.

Couldn’t you just picture two small chandies
hanging above a craft table near to each other??

The vintage gold 1960’s chandelier which hangs in the
craftroom now sits over the table I use for scrapbooking
and provides extra light when I am sewing at the
vintage office desk.

Different styles but they are each about the same size and are
blingy and cute!! Like TWINS!!
😉 🙂

Soon I will be cleaning and redecorating it 
for the holidays.
(My same friend says I ought to put up plastic all around it and 
spray paint it white!)

Happy decorating,

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