Making a Sofa Slipcover, Part 5 ~ Settee Cover Reveal

The Settee cover’s debutante party!
I love how it turned out!!!

After a couple of weeks noodling how I was going to 
stretch 202″ of fabric leftover for skirting
to fit around a sofa that needed 
which didn’t include inseams…

I finally came up with the solution:
Gusset inserts of 11″ widths x 9″ tall of beautiful
Battenburg lace.

I wanted to use the lace but wasn’t sure where to cut the drop cloth
to get it all to work.

That’s what has been holding this post up. 

I pulled out the side gusset so you could really see the fabric,
but normally it will be tucked under a bit.

There was a lot of pinning and re-pinning. Also had to remove pins from under the skirt as I went (that were holding on part of the welting, not already sewn down)
I felt like a very couture seamstress!!!

Another view of pinning around the skirt

Really loving this new slipcover! 
At month’s end, on payday, a trip to Lowe’s will be in-order…
to pick up another drop cloth for
Settee #2…
(you can see it peeking out over to the left there!)

Pretty nice and oh so ready for fall’s
afternoon cups of tea
and some 
fun reading.

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