Your Top 10 Favorite Posts of 2018

It’s that time of year for your Top 10 favorite posts of 2018 from my French Ethereal blog and actually I was a bit surprised at what you all picked.

Quite a few were crafts and sewing project related. Others were garden and decor related. So… without further ado let’s begin this little tour…

The recipe for this Hershey’s German Chocolate Cake can be found HERE.

10. This heart-filled Valentine’s post sharing how to make homemade napkins is first up at number 10.
It’s a favorite of mine and yours with those sweethearts running all over the fabric!

9. Royal Week ~ Limoges Porcelain Fit for King pops in next and was a story I wrote the week that America’s Meghan Markle married her sweet Prince Charming Harry.  There is another Royal Week story about drinking tea, too.

8. This post about styling your home elegantly for fall was another big favorite of yours and probably because we were all ready for a change of seasons!

7. Gardening posts were biggies this year and this one about making an orangerie or greenhouse comes in at numero siete.  Here we visited Magnolia Farms and if you haven’t been, do check this post out!

6. Antiquing Furniture with Chalk Paint and this nightstand’s reveal were posts where everyone asked a lot of questions and really liked the tutorial.  It was my first time using chalk paint and I am hooked.

5. Decorating a bathroom on a budget shared my friend Julie’s home in California and how she and her husband transformed their second bathroom after a water leak.  Her sweet pup wanted in on the fun, too!
4. We are getting closer to #1!  This post about making altarsticks or candlesticks from old table lamps caught a lot of attention from all of you crafters and DIYers.  This was a big tutorial with many photographs to help you make some candlesticks of your own.

3. One of my favorite crafts this year {and yours too!} was this craft tutorial on how to make these little French Snow People out of household and found in nature items.

2. I was a participant on several blog home tours this past year and My Little Texas Home was one to fall in love with here in Texas.

1. Your number one favorite post from French Ethereal in 2018 has that je ne sais quoi etherealness. 18th century European romance abounds in these imported Dutch tulip bulbs visitors to the farm can hand-pick. 

Blooming madly away in a field filled with row upon row of tantalizingly colorful tulips only about 30 minutes from our home, these spring beauties brightened everyone’s heart.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed revisiting some of your favorite posts and it’ll be fun to see what all you like in this new year!  Do let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see more of {i.e. interesting gardens, crafts, etc.} and I’ll see what I can drum up.

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