Places to Visit ~ Carlsbad Caverns National Park

My daughter enjoying all of the fantastic speleothems called stalagmites {taken with my cell phone}.
Want a great place to take the whole family
on an upcoming vacation?
A place all dark, cool, and maybe a tiny bit scary inside?

A stalagmite looking like some kind of stacked ice cream cone.
Visit Carlsbad Caverns
up in the Guadalupe Mountains of
New Mexico
where mystery still surrounds the area as stories
of lost gold and Cibola still abound…

Inside the Big Cavern
With no entrance fee into the park 
itself until actually signing up for a *guided tour 
or walking the caverns’ pathway by oneself 
(Entrance fee is $10 age 16 and older, 15 and under are free),
park visitors can wander the outdoor pathways
exploring native vegetation
listening to park rangers talk about the magic of 
the miners~of~old and stories of hidden gold.

*up to $20 for an adult, depending upon the cave tour taken ~ this fee
is in addition to the entrance fee.

Inside the visitors center
 kiosk placards display how the caverns were formed, 
 famous photos by well-known photographers are on-view,
and park rangers are stationed about sharing the caverns history.

Ample parking is available outside the entrance 
for cars as well as RVs, 
pull up your campers along both sides of a long, curving island
with a wide pathway meant for people to get out and stretch,
set up their picnic supplies, table and chairs.
{no overnight parking allowed; however, come and stay for the day!} 

So come and take in the
Surrounding beauty that is the caverns…
Whether above surface or below people of all ages will enjoy the 
wonders of the caves and their formations.
Stay until evening time and watch the nightly bat show 
as several species of bats fly out to feast on insects and fruit 
as the sky’s golden glow fades with the setting sun.

I’ll be sharing more cavern photos
with you over
the next couple of weeks as well as
 I visited this week in Texas…
{still writing up that post!}
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Travel Across America ~ Arizona and Paint Chips

Mini Joshua trees, saguaro cacti and gorgeous mountains ~ Mojave Desert

What do paint chips and Arizona have in common?
A lot of fascinating colorful things!
Check out these colors that I’m seeing SO much of in today’s modern

RV market…

Coyote Wash about an hour outside of Phoenix
is painted in the light greens and dark bark of
Manzanita bushes,
the brilliant bark~green of Palo Verde trees 
dotting the desert countryside,
and the sandy light tans of crushed stone and ancient sand 
from the ice age.

At the Design Bloggers Conference in Atlanta in March
greens and browns were definitely the 
‚Äúin colors‚ÄĚ this season ~ from glass backsplash tiles
to sparkling granite and solid top counters
and of course to
many of the soft furnishings including
pillows covers and furniture fabrics.

Today’s Rv manufacturers trying to capture
the hearts and purses of would~be buyers
look to nature’s hues when designing practicality and style 
into their products and what better colors to capture
our attention than these!

Love the faux stone fireplace surround! Today’s RV’s have many storage compartments
compared with older models from decades ago.  This Keystone Montana model has magnetic
“slam doors” in some of its underneath storage compartments.

Just little old Me checking out the storage in this bathroom.  Notice the controls to the left ~
these control the ceiling fan and its cover and the light switch is there, too.

Grand Design and Jayco’s Eagle series
are capturing our attention
as well as 
Highland Ridge Open Range series,
the above~mentioned
Keystone Montana, and Grand Design Solitude 

I am a fan of white
walls and white cabinets
I do understand that not everyone
wants to be washing their white household goods
as frequently as I do
in their motorhomes, travel trailers
and fifth~wheels!
Last post I wrote about our looking for a used fifth~wheel
to move into hopefully within a year.
This next trailer I will be
‚Äúmaking our own‚ÄĚ
and will probably paint the kitchen and bathroom cabinets
antique white and distress ~ kinda.
That is…If Hubby will let me!
We’ve begun our journey heading east
across roads once travelled by millions of pioneering men and 
women leaving the familiar and journeying on hardtack and 
a prayer to their final destinations over roads now paved 
which the modern driver takes only days to do 
what took our forefathers anywhere from 
three to six months to travel.

I have exciting photos coming in the next week 
 sharing everywhere we have driven:
 California through Arizona, then New Mexico and Texas.
After a few days layover in Texas, we are now driving up through
Oklahoma, Kansas, then into Iowa, Nebraska and South Dakota.

This is one of their engagement photographs taken this winter by a photographer friend in Sioux Falls, SD.

We have a wedding to attend 
this next weekend ~ 
Our son Peter and his bride~to~be Justine
will be united in marriage in a lovely city named
I am sooo looking forward to this blessed wedding 
and later sharing a few photos from
their special day with you.  I know it will be a lovely time!

Sneak peak of that place… Nope! I’m not giving Any Other Clues!¬†

Yesterday I visited somewhere
really really big
I have a TON of photos of this place and shop!
{I MAY have shopped there a bit myself!}

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