A Special Table Setting with Rebekah china…

Friendship, Love and Truth are special words with sentimental meaning for members of the International Order of Odd Fellows Rebekahs, traditionally the women’s side of the IOOF. This year I am in the head position and my mother-in-law wanted to congratulate me for running our local Rebekah lodge. She found a set of Rebekah china online, or at the local Rebekah thrift shop, and presented it to me while I was out visiting in June. Since I’ve just returned from a second visit there, this seems an appropriate time to share this special tableware…

The Rebekahs and its big brother fraternal organization, the Odd Fellows, are philanthropic organizations but also are a place for gathering and visiting with fellow members. In past years, more potlucks and special events were held than there are today, so a special china was created for Rebekah members to use at these local and state meetings.

This set of dishes probably was made in the 1940s or 1950s and includes a 10″ dinner plate, 7″ salad plate, a cup and saucer. My mother-in-love has other serving pieces including this coffee set, below.

Often a piece or sometimes a complete set would be given to an outgoing president at the end of her state term. Moreoften, this china was kept in the local lodge and state assembly kitchen cupboards and pulled out when needed for serving at big events. 

Trivets, small trinket boxes and other novelty china pieces are fairly easy to find while out “thrifting.” 
I love how the teacups sit a bit wonky!

Naturally, I had to set up a little table setting with this lovely simply decorated tableware! Here is a close-up of the Rebekah place setting my mother-in-law gave me. It is simply decorated with two thin gold bands around the outer edge then an inch or so inside that. A logo of the IOOF three linked rings and a “R” sit inside the top of each plate in its own small gilded circle.

Here I paired a napkin with similar tan banding and a French flourish in its center. Both are perfect together for celebrating upcoming fall events!

And now you know a little about Rebekah china pieces! Please let me know if you have ever seen any pieces in your estate sale or thrift shop wanderings. I am enjoying having a little piece of Rebekah history to add to my tableware collection. 💝

Blessings to you,

Sentimental Reasons… A 1920’s Evening to Remember

Sentimental reasons… Just a couple of weekends ago I had the pleasure of hosting a dinner for Rebekahs and Odd Fellow members attending a two-day workshop. On Saturday evening we had dinner catered-in and a live jazz band. This really was an enchanted evening…

Hurricane winds  in Houston kept several people home but those who were able to attend the weekend enjoyed a wonderful evening of 1920’s and 1930’s jazz music by The Jazzy Gents. Gary Caplan on the upright bass is the band’s leader. 

Special guest Hannah Kirby whose family is good friends with Gary came to perform for us, too. Such a treat! Hannah was on The Voice during season 2015. She was coached by Pharrell Williams and Blake Shelton and her singing this night really showed her beautiful voice!
Dinner had a decidedly English theme to it with beef bourguignon and baked chicken…

Cherry cobbler featured for dessert and it was delicious!

Several people dressed up as well which was fun!

An original drawing I did copying Highclere Castle off the computer for our invitation. A photo of the castle was used instead (better anyway!).

Mr. Ethereal and myself dressed for the occasion. After sewing in the hem just as the dinner was beginning, I was happy to be done with this project. Just a few finishing touches are left on it and I’ll share how I made this dress in another post.

I am sooo looking forward to going to see Downton Abbey the movie as I get some time on the weekend…

More of our Downton Abbey – 1920’s dinner guests…

Our incoming assembly president and partly whom I had the inspiration for this dinner event…

Really a lovely evening and the jazz was wonderful! Wish you could have been there.