How to Make Your Own Moss Balls for Home Decorating ~ $10 on the 10th

Welcome, friends, to this month’s $10 on the 10th! Where a group of us get together each month and create a vignette or project for under $10 on the 10th…

I’d like to thank our hostesses Ann of Apple Street Cottage and Tammy of Patina and Paint for putting together our themes for this year and gathering all of us together each month. Thank you, Ladies!! As always, we have a great group of friends who are sharing their favorite ideas with you. Be sure to check out everyone’s posts linked at the bottom of mine, thank you!

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My wintertime craft can’t get much easier than making Moss Balls… Perfect for displaying any time of year (and I know there will be a few Valentine’s projects here for you this time), this craft project can get a bit messy, but otherwise creating moss balls are super easy!

Supplies you will need

styrofoam balls in various sizes

Elmer’s-type glue and a paint brush or…

glue sticks and a glue gun (recommended)

sheets of sphagnum moss or loose moss

scissors ~ to cut out the moss as needed

Directions for creating moss balls

***Set up a bowl and pour some Elmer’s type glue in it/prep your glue gun with glue stick(s) as needed.

I found that the Elmer’s glue didn’t work well for me and that the glue gun worked better, but since it was how I originally photographed, I thought I’d include it for you. 🙂

Cut out pieces of sphagnum moss from a sheet and peel off moss. If using a glue gun and glue sticks, quickly add glue to an area on your styrofoam ball and lay on the moss, pressing gently (so as not to burn your fingers). Overlap moss as needed and fill in bald areas as needed.

Continue adding moss in sections until the whole styrofoam ball is covered, let dry thoroughly.

Total costs? About $4.00 for a package of styrofoam balls and up to $9.00 for a package of sphagnum sheet moss. With a 40% off coupon from Hobby Lobby, the moss comes in at $5.39. Total for both? Just under $10! 🙂

I found some sheet moss online here. (not sponsored)

*** I tried using a blender to chop the moss finer, but that didn’t work well either. I found the press-and-glue method with melted glue from glue sticks worked the best.

This photograph above shows a couple of moss balls in with other raffia balls as part of last year’s post about upcycling a basket.

New Antique Finds for Our Home | Edith & Evelyn | www.edithandevelynvintage.com
Edith & Evelyn Vintage

Then I found this photograph over on Cindy’s blog, Edith and Evelyn… I just adore how she used altarsticks (tall candlesticks once used in a church) on her dining room table topped with moss balls!

Recently I used several moss balls in decorating a Wintertime Mantel. They add a lot of texture, color and personality to any vignette and I can hardly wait to get decorating with them for spring!

In this springtime post I wrote a couple of years ago, I used sheet moss to create “grass” for our big rabbit ~ “Some Bunny Loves Me.” The leftover moss is what I used to make these moss balls.

An easy craft project of which you can make several moss balls in the course of an hour. I hope you’ve enjoyed this craft project and here is the list of everyone on today’s $10 on the 10th tour…

Ann – The Apple Street Cottage

Barb – French Ethereal

Cindy – Cloches & Lavender

Patti – Pandora’s Box

Tammy – Patina & Paint

Terrie – Decorating & More With Tip

Happy crafting!

Barb 🙂


A 5 Minute Late Summer Door Basket

Welcome to this month’s 10 on the 10th as a group of lifestyle blogging friends gets together on the 10th of each month with and idea you can create for usually under $10. This month we are sharing home decor and Back-to-School ideas for the End of Summer!

If you are new to French Ethereal, welcome! I wish to thank our host Ann of Apple Street Cottage for getting all of us together. Terrie is taking a break this month, but usually she is with us. The posts from everyone who is on today’s tour are linked at the end of this post for you.

5 Minute Late Summer Door Basket

I decided to create a new hanging door basket since I’ve had my current French style basket on our front door all spring and summer filled with various blooms. 

Normally I go to my stash of faux florals to create new door hangings or mantel displays (like this summer mantel), but I knew already that I didn’t have any late summer/early fall flowers to choose from. The sunflowers I had were too large and some had fallen apart from sitting in storage for four years, so… 

I had to go shopping. 

I admit right off that I spent slightly more than double our $10 amount, and sometimes you have to do that for a certain look. 💛

Here is what you need:

1 wood or grapevine basket ~ mine was 50% off at Hobby Lobby (not sponsored) = $7.79. 
1 bunch pale yellow peonies or mums = $10.19 (used 40% coupon) 
3 picks of small yellow sunflowers = $1.99 x 3 picks = $5.97
ribbon from my stash = $0
wire cutters 

TOTAL = $23.95 before tax.

I began with taking a small brown paper bag and tucking that inside to fill the gaps of this woven grapevine-and-wire basket (not shown). 
I love the texture of this basket with its horizontal lines of vines winding around plus the curlicue vine tendrils!

Next I clipped off two of the lower “breaks” along the main “stem” of the bunch of pale yellow/tan peonies with the wire cutters. This bunch was tucked inside the basket and paperbag liner, fluffing the flowers and bending stems to make the bouquet look more realistic.

Thirdly, I cut off about half of the mini sunflower stems, bent those flower branches accordingly, and placed them amongst the peony flower heads.

Our front door open to August’s late summer sunshine!

Thriller, Filler and Spiller

Usually you want at least three different types of flowers to create a bouquet, wreath or door hanger ~ the “thriller, filler and spiller.” I tried a few different blooms for a third and kept coming back to this simple late summer look. Adding a French wire ribbon with a hint of fall colors completes the late summer look.

Love the Dutch still life quality of this photograph!

I am very happy with how this door basket has turned out and I know you can make one that is equally amazing! Friends, follow the links to all of the ladies on today’s End of Summer tour. I know you will enjoy what inspiring decor ideas they have for you…

Patti ~ Pandora’s Box

Beth ~ Creatively Beth

Enjoy the rest of your summer, 
dear friends, 

Summer Party Ideas to Inspire

Welcome to this month’s 10 on the 10th with Summertime Party Ideas from all of us in this month’s hop for around or under $10! Hosted by Ann Bacon of Apple Street Cottage and Terrie of Decorate and More with Tip. Thank you, Ladies!!! Come on in and let’s get this party started…

I love having friends and family over for a party and we had quite a few at our last home in California. We had a good draw with our swimming pool so we often had our children’s friends over to swim as they were growing up. We’ve had a couple of parties here since moving into our new Texas home and we are looking forward to many more. Here are some tips to make your next party a success:

 10 Summertime Parties ideas

1. Party Foods ~ First off, put together all of your favorite munchies from popcorn to peanuts to several kinds of chocolate for s’mores to cook over an open fire pit.  Informal parties are fun because they are all about eating fun foods! Each of these goodies shown above were just a few dollars each, and many were already in my cabinet. The bag of popcorn came from Winco and was under $4.00 for a HUGE bag already popped!

2. What’s for dinner? If you are having a barbeque lunch or dinner party, bring on the steaks, burgers and hotdogs for easy cooking. Have someone bring a salad and others coming bring a tray of veggies to make it easy on everyone. Then, grill up some fresh ears of corn for a wonderful meal to share!

3. Bring out the plastic ware  Tupperware cups and double-walled insulated cups with lids are perfect to serve drinks to guests out of doors. Solo cups are wonderful and you can use a permanent marker to write everyone’s names on them! Solo cups run about $4.00 for about 50 cups. With young children around, having plasticware to drink outside is a must where cement patios, walkways and bare feet are involved. 👦👧

4. Go for the paper!  You can have a pretty evening supper party and still use paper plates. Make it easy on yourself after getting the yard and patio ready for outdoor entertaining. Use plastic tableware and just pair with painted pressed-tin chargers to help paper plates hold up when layered with food.

5. When you want to go formal  Bring out the china and silver  and crystal stemware when you want to have a fancy outdoor party with your adult friends and family members. It’s unexpected and a real surprise for friends coming over to have really formal dinnerware outdoors! 

6. Add a beautiful centerpiece  If you have a lovely statue to bring outside, have a French-styled party! It’s not always necessary to have flowers when you have centerpiece that is really beautiful. 

7. Bring out the flowers  But, then again… Flowers are always beautiful at any party and so many are in bloom in the summer that it’s easy to make beautiful floral centerpieces. 

Lay blooms casually on the table for a low centerpiece (using floral picks filled with water to keep these flowers fresh) or go all out with a pretty pitcher or bucket filled with a nice summertime bouquet!
8. When going formal  Bring out pretty linen napkins for a very formal outdoor affair such as a wedding. If your event is less formal, use some pretty bandanas as napkins instead.

From a post I wrote when we lived in our Heartland Charleston Landmark RV ~ Try Bandanas for a Fun Table Styling.

9. Hang outdoor lighting  If you have extra Christmas twinkle lights, they look lovely hung around the patio for nighttime entertaining. Edison lights look beautiful swagged throughout the trees.

Just a snippet of a party coming to you soon!
10. Enjoy the fruits of your hard work  Have a great time visiting with friends and family at your summertime party whether it’s indoors or outside, during the day or in the evening! 
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10 Inexpensive Red, White and Blue Summer Decor Ideas…

Welcome to this month’s 10 on the 10th with ten fun home decor, craft and DIY ideas from my friends and myself for under $10! Our theme this month is all about red, white and blue for summertime decorating… Let’s get this party started!!!

Again, welcome to this month’s 10 on the 10th hosted by Ann of Apple Street Cottage and Terrie of Decorate and More with Tip and my friends have lots of inspiring RWB ideas to share with you!

This month I’ve tried to save us all a little cash by sharing summer decorating ideas from what I have in my stash. Especially in hard economic times and with all the uncertainty going on right now, I like to shop my home for home decor ideas and I am sure you like saving money, too! 🎉

Here are my 10 ideas to pull out from your stash of home decor goodies with splashes of red, white and blue:

Bring out the blooms

1. Bring out any dried red roses and other red florals you may have hung up to dry after Christmas or Valentine’s Day to bring in red to your usual decor. Hang those little bouquet beauties from your cupboard doors, bedroom and bathroom doorknobs, and from cup
hooks screwed into your mantel’s underside to add bright pops of red! 

2. If you have blue dried hydrangeas saved from last year’s blooms add their blues. Blue hydrangeas add so much to our decor and look awesome in mixed RWB dried bouquets.
Oh, and don’t forget to sprinkle their beauty in baskets throughout the home. Deep pink roses also dry into a lovely faded red and look stunning popped into teapots, jars and vases, or just casually laid atop a dresser or mantel…

Bring on the flags

3. Red, white and blue really shines here in the United States this time of year with our nation’s upcoming birthday. Flag decor just says “home” and “relax” to us Americans and our flag’s RWB colors are a perfect trio of decorating color for summertime entertaining!

4. Bring out any flag paper napkins and paper plates and fun plasticware in matching colors. Use colorful bandanas in place of your usual napkins as I did here a few years ago. I like bandanas for their versatility.

5. Wrap a hostess gift for your guests in a red white or blue bandana and place those on the table at each place setting or in a basket by the front door to pick up on the way home.

 Pillows and Slips

6. Add some red and white striped or floral pillows in place of the usual pillows to your couches, bench seats and chairs then wrap your sofa cushions with Gramma’s hand-stitched blue and white quilts to complete the look. 

7. Bring in more of that red white and blue with fun patriotic kitchen linens ~ love doing this! I have a big stack of kitchen and bath linens for every season and I love a change from my usual kitchen towels and guest towels. I think you will, too!

Patriotic Books

8. Pull all the red white and blue bound books out of your bookshelves and stack those tomes around the fireplace, on chairs, on side tables and of course as props up on your mantel. 

Books add so much to a home’s decor anyways and look wonderful arranged by color in the bookcase. A fun way to brighten up one’s decor anyday! 

Home Decor


9. Add red, white and blue with colored canning jars. Here I’ve used a variation of RWB with shades of pink and teal ~ a favorite combination around our home in summer.

Just a little RWB can be seen above on the newly installed shelf my hubby put up for his mother.

10. Bring out the RWB decor! While at my husband’s parents’ home, Mr. Ethereal cleaned out and organized the garage for his mother (post coming about that soon!). This is just a snippet. 💋 

Thank you for visiting today and please stop by all of the ladies sharing their red, white and blue summer decorating ideas on today’s tour! If you like what you see on my blog, please consider subscribing here and on my social media pages, thank you. 


An Upcycle Garden Idea ~ 10 on the 10th

Welcome to the reintroduction of 10 on the 10th where ten friends get together and share 10 fun ideas with you for under $10. Happy Mother’s Day, friends, btw!!! I hope you are having a wonderful day celebrating with family, if you are able. This month’s 10 on the 10th is about Upcycling-Recycling and I’ve come up with a thrift store basket in need of a refresh. I found this pretty basket last year while I was out in California meeting our movers.  

When I wasn’t massively busy in our two 10’x25′ storage units getting things moved, donated or spending short visits with friends, I was out thrift-shopping… 😉  

Let’s get this upcycle party started, shall we?…

First of all, I’d like to thank Ann Bacon of Apple Street Cottage who asked a bunch of us if we’d like to be a part of the new 10 on the 10th, thank you!!! And, if you are coming over from to French Ethereal for the first time, welcome! 💝

Here’s what I started with:

*  a thrift-shop basket 

*  chalk paint in white 

*  pretty napkins 

*  small paint brushes for painting and glueing 

*  scissors  

*  paperbag to protect work surface

Begin by dry-brushing paint on your basket in your favorite color ~ I chose white for this particular basket (although now I am thinking a soft grey overtop might be nice…). Dry brushing the paint lets a lot of the basket’s textural weave show through which I really like.

After getting the basket painted, let it dry. I flipped this basket upside down as I painted and while it dried on one side I was painting the other, or the inside. I pretty much painted the whole thing at once since chalk paint dries so quickly. A cool bonus!!!

While the basket dries, gather a couple of pretty napkins and open them up and separate the white backing from the pretty printed front. (Use up the back like normal.)  😉

Now cut out your print in a pleasing way. If you are using floral napkins like these, take care to cut out a grouping of flowers and create a nice edge as you cut. 

Arrange the cut-outs on the basket and keep re-arranging until a nice look is achieved. Paint on Mod-Podge glue or make your own glue and press the flower cut-outs into it, then add more Mod-Podge/glue over top to seal.

That’s pretty much it! Once dry, have fun decorating around the house with your pretty basket. I used mine for a May Day basket over on our library tea table.

I hope this has inspired you to upcycle an old basket you may have lying around your home or just found recently! Let me know how yours turns out, won’t you?!

Up next on my list is Joyce of At Home with Gemma whose upcycle watering can is really cool! I know you are going to love every idea these ladies have for you today…

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A Quick Coffee Table for the 4th of July ~ 10 on the 10th

Welcome to  this month’s 10 on the 10th where 10+ bloggers share their finds and projects with you costing $10 or less! Our host today is Benita of Chasing Quaintness and I know you’ll love the totally awesome paddle board she created! Thank you, Benita for all your hard work putting this hop together!! 

If you are coming over from Katie at Let’s Add Sprinkles and are here for the first time, welcome! Our theme this month is 4th of July and we all have so many great ideas to share with you for the our nation’s birthday. Let’s get going, shall we?

For my 10 on the 10th  I decided to go with a softer 4th of July look in creating an easy-to-copy coffee table vignette which basically cost nothing as I used everything I already own. 

I like scrounging through items I already have and since we just moved in and our household goods arrived mid-March, everything is new to me again! 

 Putting this 4th of July table together

I brought out a blue striped napkin/placemat I bought last year at Magnolia Market in Waco. On top of it I placed a tobacco basket and played around with the basket and napkin’s placement a bit.

From there, I knew I wanted to add in this vintage Johnson Bros. red transferware serving dish to bring in the red and the angel statue I have had outside since the movers brought it to Texas from our California storage.  

A couple of weeks ago I was on another blog hop and this angel statue was in this still soft but definitely bolder 4th of July vignette and you can check out more of that post here

I do like patriotic decor but decided this time around to go with even softer colors and sans flags as my mantel is very patriotic with its red reds, bright whites and navy blues and is located in this same room.

Our mantel and how it looked for Memorial Day and the story behind it.

Here is a full look at our coffee table

Set simply with softer deep pinks and lavender blues is a bowl of freshly cut hydrangeas from my front yard. Placed on top of the red transferware  platter with faux lavender wands set alongside, these add just an extra bit of blue to balance the reds and pinks. Tucking those in next to the angel completed this easy-to-create-look.

This has been a beautiful month remembering our military service members and looking forward to our nation’s birthday… 🙂

Right outside our living room windows sits our garden… And our patriotic miss who is dressed as our Lady Liberty. She didn’t make the previous patriotic posts but she happily graces this post for you today.

Lastly for this soft 4th of July coffee table vignette, I added a little more patriotic flare by bringing in the Waverly pillows from their usual spot over in our family room.

The French pillow and the Waverly ones are the same ones that we brought with us from  our Prairie Home of the past two years. If you haven’t glamped or camped for an extended period but are thinking about it ~ try it! There’s a big learning curve but there’s an amazing simplicity… Plus you meet so many great people.


Our  41′ Heartland Charleston Landmark fifth-wheel was a wonderful place to live and the RV parks and campgrounds we lived in were a wonderful living and life experience.

After almost four years total, though, having a large living room is almost too much. I do love the comfort of these sofas and easy chairs…

And this is how this quick-and-easy coffee table with its soft 4th of July theme came to be! I believe in keeping things simple and my decor has simplified over the years. Maybe that comes with time and age (or from living in a trailer), who knows, but it is fun to be able to share my curated mélange of home décor with you.

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Susan of Homeroad is next up on today’s tour. I just know her post is going to inspire you in your 4th of July decorating and the fun découpage project she is sharing!! 

Today’s 10 on the 10th tour list I encourage you to pull up this post as many times as you need in order to visit everyone. Enjoy the tour!!!

Happy decorating,

10 Minute Tussy Mussy Gift Bags for Mother’s Day + More ~ 10 on the 10th

Welcome to this month’s 10 on the 10th where 10 bloggers (and sometimes more!) get together and share ideas with you on the 10th of the month for under $10. 

Thank you to our host Katie of Let’s Add Sprinkles for putting this party together, and if you are stopping by for the first time from Cindy at County Road 407 welcome to French Ethereal!

This month’s theme is something for Mother’s Day, Graduation and Teacher Appreciation gifts.

With all of these events happening in the months of May and June, it is often nice to create a gift holder which can be made in batches to give out to all your recipients for not much money.  

Like making fresh plumeria leis picked then strung by the bags-full for my elementary school teachers in Hawaii when I was growing up, making a Tussy Mussy to fill with gifts is a welcome change from the usual wrapped or bagged gift! Homemade gifts are often the best and most appreciated (in my book, anyways!).

Easy to make in just a few minutes, Tussy Mussies can be filled with small candies, a special note, a small gift box containing a thoughtfully purchased necklace or earrings you’ve just picked out… The ideas for filling Tussy Mussies are endless and easy to coordinate with your theme.

Here’s how to make a Tussy Mussy

*Start by laying out your sheet of printed paper, printed-side down.

*Begin rolling the paper with holding the left side tight to create the bottom, pointed end. (or right side, if you are left-handed!)

This tussy mussy went to a little girl and the sweets theme was perfect for her!

Keep the left side tight/small as you roll the upper-end looser creating the cone shape.

*Put a bead of hot glue along the edge lengthwise to hold the edge in shape. I also glued a bit along the upper edge, next to the vertical long edge, just glued-down to keep it from unraveling.

*Make a slit 2″ down (or however long you like) 
to create a way to cut off and even up the top edge.

*Glue down the inside loose piece around the inside top.


*Pull out all of your laces, cheesecloth, buttons, whatever you have and have fun loosely wrap these around your cone.

*Hot glue in hidden spots to create the effect of bent lace/ribbon pieces and to keep in place. Working the laces around the upper-edge first seemed to work better for me.

Create the hanger

*Use more lace and form a loose knot on one end. Hot glue to the inside edge to hide some of the edge-glueing.

*Once the first part is glue on, then twist or layer your hanger piece, create the second, opposite knot and glue that in place.

An ethereal beauty ~ Two types of lace created this
tussy mussy’s hanger.


Each paper I picked up at one of my local craft stores from anywhere from 10 cents to $1.00 each. I think the sparkle papers were a bit more but these were in my stash so they cost me nothing this time.

A pack of hot glue sticks costs about $1.99 and lace costs a couple dollars a roll if you buy at Christmas time ~ well under $10 to make several!

And that’s all there is to creating a Tussy Mussy ~ perfect for putting that special gift for your mother, grandmother and all the moms in your life. 

If you missed any of this year’s 10 on the 10th posts
they can be found here:

January 2019 | February 2019|March 2019
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Happy Mother’s Day, 

An Easter Tablescape ~ 10 on the 10th

Welcome to  this month’s 10 on the 10th where 10 bloggers (and often a few more!) get together and share ideas with you on the 10th of the month for under $10.  This month is all about Easter ~ from adorable bunnies to lovely tablescapes and some fun Easter crafts to make!

Our cute image was created by Carol of
Bluesky at Home. Love the bunny!

My name is Barbara and I am your host this month ~ I so appreciate your stopping by! We have a fun blog party planned for you today and after you’ve visited here please pop on over to see what Cindy at County Road 407 is sharing ~ I know you’ll love Cindy and her fun blog!

I am sharing  a first look at our new home with our dining room set for Easter. What I want to share with you today are these cool gold placemats I found after Christmas at Home Goods and they were just $6.00!

I thought they were perfect for an Easter tablescape with their lovely woven nest look!

Here I’ve paired these gilded placemats with some vintage serving trays I painted white a couple of years ago. As I was unpacking china from boxes this week, it was fun looking for china which would be good to go with this tablescape that said spring and Easter!

This set came straight from England in the early 2000’s from my sister-in-law and my middle brother. They had shopped the seconds stores up in the Stoke-on-Trent potteries area. (My brother was stationed in England for four years with the USAF at RAF Molesworth, a tri-base area in northern England.)  These were a gift for Christmas and my birthday one year.

My tablescape today doesn’t shout Easter with bunnies and such but is instead a gentle ode to spring ~ handmade tulip napkins; a fresh bouquet with soft yellow and white flowers; and the soft greens, blues, yellow and rust bands on Wedgwood’s Queen’s Ware “Sarah’s Garden” plates and teapot.

The teacups are fresh with their roses and florals and are part of my extensive collection of vintage china. Many are now quite old and are just used for display.

Bunnies however do make an appearance in the hutch!
Somewhere in a few last kitchen boxes are a set of creamy white eggcups from my original Villeroy and Boch “Botanica” set. When I was an exchange student to Germany as a 19 year old, I carried these eggcups home in my carry-on bag.

Guess they will make an appearance later on. Too bad as they would have been perfect with these placemats!

This tablescape would be easy to recreate in your home with simply decorated tableware you may already own ~ part of the fun of setting a beautiful table! I hope this table setting has inspired you.

Well that’s it for me for today ~ I will share more of this table photo shoot soon. I want to thank you so much for stopping by! If you have enjoyed this post, I’d love it if you’d follow me here on my blog and/or on any of my social media sites, too.

Let’s get this Easter party hopping along now with a visit to my friend Cindy at County Road 407.  Follow the links below to check out all of the wonderful posts shared by everyone in this month’s 
10 on the 10th blog hop!

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Thriftshop Finds ~ 10 on the 10th

Bienvenue à  this month’s 10 on the10th for $10 or less!  10 wonderful Thrift shop Finds + Upcycles will be shared in today’s blog hop {plus maybe a few more}Here you’ll find some great new ideas to use in your own home for Valentine’s and beyond. Plus, who doesn’t love a good thrift shop outing??! 😉

Last month we shared Valentine’s ideas as part of 10 on the 10th, and you can find those linked here

 If you are coming over from any of the others participating today ~ thanks so much for stopping by today! I also wish to thank our wonderful hostess Katie from Let’s Add Sprinkles for hosting February’s 10 on the 10th party!  This party promises to be wonderful and I am excited to see what everyone has found in their thrifting adventures… 

Come check out what I’ve found lately…

Most everything here is a thrift shop or antique store find.
The Instant Ancestors can be found at Joann Fabrics.
I was fortunate to have found  this brass heart dish this past month and knew it would be perfect to share for Valentine’s Day!

I thought maybe it was an ashtray in its former life but it has no lingering smell so perhaps it was always meant to be a wall decoration and hung by it’s little raffia cord. 

The only special thing I have done to this little heart was to wash it in soapy water and dry it right away ~ that’s it. This little thrift shop find was just $2 bucks!
I may eventually pull out some brass cleaner and give it a light scrub but for now I am enjoying it with its wonderful patina.

So today I thought I’d show you how I changed up the picture frame vignette I shared last month by taking the grapevine heart wreath away and replacing it with just these two hanging hearts. The look is much simpler now and really brings out the gold of the picture frame and the aged patina of the two hearts.

Plus I love the added bling from the lower heart locket… Don’t you?

The small heart locket I found at our local Buc-Ees, which is a small chain of an enormous 100-pump gas station plus snack food/bbq place and a shopping mecca for all kinds of kitchen goods, t-shirts and fun things for kids.

When I first stopped at a Buc-Ees with my family almost three years ago now, we were awed by all the gas pumps ~ no waiting in line! Plus finding cute kitchen towels and leather purses and also Rae Dunn-style dishware to carry home was a bonus.

But enough about gas stations and back to fun thrift shop adventures!

I also found this lovely silverplate chafing dish along with a beautiful cut-glass bowl on another recent thrift shop outing. I am loving this chafing dish for displaying one of my vintage rose Theodore Haviland Limoges plates which has fully bloomed realistic pink roses strewn all over it. The latter was a piece I found while antiquing one day.

Lovely with the dried roses set on top of it…

These pieces are all part of a larger story shared this week using Valentine’s fabrics and that post can be found here.  I made new table linens which were used for a Valentine’s tablescape photo session and will be used again to share the day with Mr. Ethereal, too.

Next up is Susan of Homeroad as she shares her special thrift shop finds…

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