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How to Glam-Up Your Vintage Door

Welcome, friends! It’s back-to-school-time and with that I am finally feeling the need to do some fun DIY/crafting projects. 🙂 Today I am sharing how to glam-up an old door I have had in my stash since 2008…

Tools needed for this project

  • drill and drill bits – for wood and metal
  • scroll saw or jig saw to cut out small wood pieces as needed
  • pliers and screw drivers
  • wood glue (I used regular wood glue and Gorilla wood glue), paintable and stainable
  • blue painter’s tape
  • sand paper
  • sanded grout, paintable and stainable
  • paint and paint brushes, various sizes
  • black spray paint
  • antique/vintage hardware escutcheons and glass doorknobs plus center hardware

How to begin?

Start with cleaning your door with a little soap and water (or even just plain water) on a damp cloth, then wipe the door dry. I took my time cleaning the windows with glass cleaner and to clean the lead pieces.

Next, I used a little Lemon Pledge on the stained side of the door (the original outside of this door), and then began figuring out what needed to be done to prep the door for new hardware. 😉

I gathered a drill and drill bits, some old screws (from a box of screws and closet hanger hardware we have had since our first home closet rebuild), and five craft and chalk paint containers from my craft room.

The escutcheons (decorative but purposeful flat door pieces to go behind doorknobs) I picked up at Second Impressions Antique Store in South Dakota when Mr. Ethereal and I were driving home from Peter and Justine’s wedding in 2016.

I am soooo glad that I found those escutcheons since I have had this pair of antique glass door knobs waiting in my stash of goodies for over 20 years! It is nice to finally be able to use these pieces on this door project.

Many of these things I had intended to go on a future birdhouse (back then), but you know how that goes… Eventually you use them where you need them, regardless of the original thought you had for them, lol!

Hubby used a super large, round paddle bit to drill these circles for me! 🙂

The first things which had to be fixed on this door were the big gaping holes where contemporary door hardware used to sit. I asked Mr. Ethereal if he’d help me drill some round inserts from a leftover 2″ x 4″ we had.

The grout shows here on the backside of the door as I was staining it and adding paint striations to help “blend it in.”

They ended up a little smaller than needed, but a bunch of globs of Gorilla wood glue and regular wood glue helped fill in the gaps. I placed blue painter’s tape around to catch any drips and to contain the glue while it dried.

When the glue was mostly dry, I filled in the backside of the inserts and remaining gaps with sanded grout. Let dry completely/overnight.


Next, I mixed various shades of chalk and acrylic paints on a folded paper towel in medium grey, teal, light teal (more of a white), black and brown to create a hue close to the green side of the door.

On the backside, I used some old stain we had in a reddish tint to color the grout then added brown paint and later some tiny vertical brown lines to try and “match” the grain of the oak door.

You can just see some of the paint attempts made to match to door (practically impossible!). It’s not great but at least there isn’t light tan anymore from the grout and wood inserts! 🙂

Adding the Hardware

I grabbed four 1/2″ all-purpose screws from the leftovers box and used the driver drill to screw the white escutcheon on the green side of the door, making sure the piece was aligned vertically with the door edge.

The backside escutcheon will be added after drilling the doorknob hole.

Testing out the door knob in its freshly drilled hole!

Drilling the door knob hole

By adding the front escutcheon first (the white one), I was able to use its door knob hole as the template to drill through the door. Once drilled, I tested the door knob to see if I needed to drill out more or to straighten it.

It’s a little off, as I didn’t have a jig to keep the drill bit completely square, but it’s not going to be used as an actual door, just as an accent piece, so it’s fine. 🙂

Adding the back escutcheon

This particular escutcheon is meant to be embedded into the door, for safety purposes, for the original lock to function. I didn’t want to bevel out the door, which could have been done but I haven’t done that before. We actually have wood carving tools, but I thought I’d add a piece of wood to the back to take up the surrounding space instead.

Using a scroll saw is a lot like using a sewing machine. You have to move whatever you are cutting around the blade, much like you move fabric around a stationary sewing needle.

To cut out the inner piece without going through the outer edges of the wood, turn off the saw, undo the tension (top knob at the back of the arm) and undo the saw blade knob (the one zooming up and down, on the lower-right at the front of the arm. 🙂

Drill a pilot hole through the center of the inner square to begin the inner cutting.

Then, push down on the front-top of the needle housing and the blade will easily pull out. Slip the blade through the drilled hole, reattach the needle, tighten the blade knob plus the tension knob, and saw away!

I realized I’d have to bevel the edges after (or during) the cutting process, so I did that after seeing if I needed to cut off any more wood.

Rechecking the cuts…

It took about an hour to fine-tune this wood insert, a little sanding, then it was ready to set into the black escutcheon and screw onto the backside of the door.

I took a little time out to spray paint the wood black, let it dry out in the 95 degree heat while eating lunch, then aligned the pieces on the door. Painting the wood piece black helps it to not be so visible when the door is viewed from the side.

Upon figuring out where the doorknob hole needed to be, and where the escutcheon needed to be placed (to cover over some of the filled door holes), I realized the escutcheon needed to be drilled.

Mr. Ethereal helped me drill through the lower part of the inner metal creating a hole for the doorknob center hardware.

Had to use the pliers to remove the one short screw which didn’t work and wouldn’t come out without a little assistance. 🙂

Going back to the hardware box, I pulled out more 1/2″ screws, but they were too short to hold the escutcheon on the door, now with the wood piece taking up space.

Adding (4) thin 1″ wood screws worked perfectly! And they were galvanized and a bit black with age ~ absolute perfection…

And that’s all there is to glamming up your vintage door! Please share doors with me which you have redone, I’d love to see them. 🙂

Happy creating, friends,

Barb 🙂

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Share Your Style #355

Welcome to this week’s Share Your Style #354! We have lots of great features to share with you.

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Happy Wednesday, y’all! Would you believe… We have been having rain showers yesterday and today?!! Such a treat after 50+ days of over 100 degrees of heat! I actually woke up to 75 degrees this morning; it was soooo nice!

Well, I’ve posted up a little more of our trip to France for you this week, but onward from that post, I’ll take a break for a week or so just so you won’t get bored with so many travel photos. I am working in the garden shed this week, getting ready for August’s Pinterest Challenge. And I am ready for a little fall cleaning indoors so expect a living room post soon!

Well, let’s get on to this week’s features and my share for you…

Here’s what I shared this past week at French Ethereal…

France’s Cinematic Views: Day 2 in Paris’ 7th, 8th and 1st Arrondissements ~ Come check out the cool military museum I walked by, the Place de Concorde, a shopping mall and Paris’ beautiful Opéra National de Paris.

And here are this week’s featured posts…

We are beginning this week’s featured posts with this fun one from Debra from Common Ground. She is sharing a collection of Christmas ideas for you to kick-start your thoughts on how you will decorate this upcoming holiday season ~ Christmas in July Ideas and Inspiration.
Wendy from The Inspired Eater shared her post ~ 15 Ways to Transform into a Smart Eating Traveler. Great pearls of wisdom!!
Meagan from Decorative Inspirations brings us an End of Summer Home Tour ~ A Touch of Yellow and Purple. Love this color combination, don’t you?!!
Niki from Life as a Leo Wife shared this fun tutorial for a DIY Chapstick Holder. Perfect project to make any time of the year!
Sandra from Dinner at Eight shares her gorgeous summer tablescape with us in this post ~ A Wisteria Garden Table. Love the purples and blues!!! Soooo pretty!
Neutral Sweater Tank and Denim Skirt
Jennifer from Curated by Jennifer brings us this fun summertime outfit to keep cool ~ Neutral Sweater Tank and Denim Skirt. Love it!!!
Lynne of Thrifting Wonderland fame shares her fun thrift shop find in this post ~
One Change or Two… A Whole New Look! Looking great!!!
how to repurpose old picture frames
I love this idea! Carol from Bluesky at Home warms up her home with
How to Repurpose Old Picture Frames. So fresh!!!
I HAD to include this sweet creative crafting idea with you especially since school is starting up…Cheryl from Sew Can Do shared how she created all these totally cute “toys” for her kids to play with ~ DIY Post Office Play Fun for Preschoolers.
Just precious! Definitely one to share, pin and save!!!
DIY Window Valance is this unique post by Libbie at A Life Unfolding. Love these sweet plant vases hung this way!!

And that’s it for this week’s features! A nice diverse grouping to share with you. 🙂

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Happy linking, everyone!

Barb 🙂

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France’s Cinematic Views: Day 2 in Paris’ 7th, 8th & 1st Arrondissements

Well, my friends, my blog is finally living up to its name: French Ethereal! I am sooo excited to share more from our trip abroad. I went absolutely nuts taking photographs… Everywhere you look (and I do mean everywhere) is like looking through a movie camera lens…

Lots of motorcyclists and bicyclists spin about the city, and did you know you could rent motorcycles while you are here? I saw them available on some websites and you can go for a tour around Paris on a 1:1 tour via vendors through AirBnB’s website. (not sponsored)

I fell in love with all of the different bistro chairs! Each café and restaurant had their own version. These were at the little café we ate at our very first evening in Paris. From here, we walked over to the Eiffel Tower for the tour that never happened. We got scammed and I let AirBnB know about it.

Cute fence and locks! Actually, the only ones we saw. Never got down to the right bridges crossing over from Rive Gauche to Rive Droit (Left Bank to the Right Bank of Paris) to find more.
Love all the mini gardens up on Parisians’ balconies!

I thought I might pick up a bouquet of flowers to have in our hotel or bnb rooms, but Amy talked me out of it because…

How would we carry them on the train out to Grenoble and back?? Along with our suitcases and backpacks, etc??

She was right, of course. But it would have been lovely to have a bouquet to enjoy!

And there were lavender plants… sigh!

What place is this?

Pretty little park… And look at that cute wrought iron in the front here! Literally as I write this, I am just noticing it…

More of the park with a grand building in the background. Anyone know what this building is??

Oh, duh! Nm, I answered my own question just a few photos from now ~ Le Musée de L’Armée Invalides.

I went for a walk late on the morning of the second day we were in Paris on my own as my daughter was really, really tired and wanted to take a nap mid-morning. This was the day I posted that first look at Paris post and I typed until around noon. We’d had breakfast in our room (I brought hers up on a tray from the restaurant downstairs), and she waited too long for me to be ready. Totally my fault!

Anyway, this building is the military museum I walked by and it was free to enter on this particular day!

I started to go inside, but decided to save it for another day as I was on a mission to find a wedding present for my niece and soon-to-be new nephew…

Love the canons!

It was Thursday, 21 Julliet 2022. I didn’t know how to use the Metro yet, so I walked a couple of miles down the quai (sounds like “Kay”), across a big bridge there along Rue de Grenelle.

Our driver, a few days later, when we came back from Grenoble, told us this was built sometime around the French Revolution. It may have been a hospital for the “invalides,” soldiers injured during the war… Not sure.

The gorgeous wrought iron and gilded entrance into the museum…
Louis the Sun King’s coat of arms??

For someone who has shot over 50,000 photographs on black & white and color film since I was 8 years old, and now digitally… France is a feast for the eyes and the camera lens!

It is no wonder why Paris is featured as THE CITY in so many movies…

I took these photos just with my iPhone 12… I did shoot some with my big Canon but didn’t want to haul it all over the city every time I went out, so chose to just use my phone. Sooo glad these came out well!

This bridge opposite Le Musée de L’Armée was dedicated to these French soldiers who were killed during WWII. The man memorialized on the left-hand plaque received the
Cross of War (Croix de Guerre) for what he did on the battlefield.
Part of the museum under exterior renovation and cleaning. Might be a different museum but I shot this that same day…
Part of the bridge and looking beyond to the Jardin des Tuleries and beyond.

After crossing over the bridge, I walked around the Luxor Obelisk heading toward the Galleries Lafayette, a shopping mall someone told me about which might have a culinary store. As it was, I headed left towards the mall after this park, and after going around the sidewalk of an enormous roundabout…

Here is the massive roundabout in front of the Luxor Obelisk, which I learned later is the Place de la Concorde, 8th Arrondissement. I knew it was important but didn’t know where I was at the time. You can read more about how this obelisk was a gift from Pasha Muhammed Ali to France here.

I was getting pretty tired from walking at this point, as I hadn’t eaten lunch, so I shot these photos but didn’t really know where I was or I would have walked down the Champs Élysées (left of here) ~ the “Elysian Fields” ~ a place for dead heroes (in Greek mythology).

Also where many people were guillotined during the French Revolution… Ick!

A lovely little shaded park and pathway… Sorry it is not centered. Bad photographing on my part!

I walked right by the Tuleries Garden and did go inside. I ate lunch at a cute café there but I want to share that later, so no photos here!

Eventually, I did find a culinary store called Boulanger, which I understand is a small chain store. For my niece and her fiancé, I bought a pasta maker. I wanted to get them something they might not buy for themselves but would be fun and useful! Ikea was across the street so I went there afterwards, and used their restroom (always important!) and to pick up a gift card, too. <3

After that, I forced myself to go figure out how to ride the Metro home…

My feet were tired… Riding back to our hotel aboard the Metro to our hotel ~ Les Jardins de Eiffel ~ was bliss! A French woman was very sweet and pulled down the fold-up seat for me so I could sit. She must have seen the harried look on my face, lol!

I got off at Quai d’Orsay Metro station, and headed back over the rue (street) and up a few blocks to our hotel. I felt a little more “Parisienne” that day and “less tourist!” I was learning how to get around. ;)’

Round deux!

I was totally excited when I got back (and now rested from sitting) and Amy was well rested after a two-hour+ nap. I told her about my adventures and that I had four €2.00 coins ~ enough for two trips out to L’Opéra Metro stop in the 1st Arrondissement and back ~ we could go back!?!

Amy caught the bug of excitement, so off we went to hop the Metro!!! She was excited about going shopping at a Parisienne mall, and maybe to dinner downtown (we actually ate when we got back to our little area in the 7th, which turned out to be perfect).

Le Grand Hôtel ~ one of the first beautiful buildings we saw in this part of Paris (1st Arrondissement) ~ with its outside café. Love the wrought iron and deep green patio covers and umbrellas!!!

L’Opéra National de Paris

After walking just a block or so from the Metro station, we came to Paris’ National Opera ~ the Palais Garnier. I asked my daughter if she’d like to go look inside but we decided to save L’Opéra for another time.

Wouldn’t it be fun to see a theatrical production here?!!

Part of the rear side of L’Opéra, if I remember correctly.
Another cinematic view…
The beginning of the shopping district

We continued on our walk and headed towards our final destination and a little shopping…

A little surprise garden down an alleyway…

Les Galeries Lafayette

We found a whole shopping area with stores like Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, and more. We followed the crown right into the glass doors of Les Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann. Opened in 1893, the Galeries has a magnificent cupola ceiling created by “master glassworkerJacques Grüber and finished around 1912 (The Good Life France).

The building underwent a major renovation in 1932 which “introduced some ‘modern’ angular and faceted Art Deco elements into its structure and decoration.”

The Good Life France

We browsed some lovely clothes and looked at lots of fun jewelry. After about an hour we decided it was time to head back to dinner… (Funny how “tired” sneaks up on you!)

We had a great time shopping and just browsing a few stores. Surprisingly, we only bought a few t-shirts but didn’t buy anything really fashionable.

On our way back towards the Metro station, we came across this light post. It was so ornate.

Now I see what looks like some kind of Viking warship… Perhaps this was erected when Napoleon was in power?

I wonder what its significance is? Anyway, thoughts for another day. 🙂

I hope you have enjoyed this day in Paris! A city of much military history and more.

Jusqu’à a la prochaine fois,

Barb 🙂


Share Your Style #354

Welcome to this week’s Share Your Style #354! We have lots of great features to share with you.

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French Ethereal: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest

Friends, I am sorry about last week! I got home late last Wednesday afternoon from flying in from Paris, and because of the time zone changes, I just had no energy to get Share Your Style up. But, I am back and feel mostly back to normal so this week is a go. 🙂

Paris was a lot of fun! Everywhere you look within the city, it’s like watching a movie!! I started back to school today and I think it is going to be a great year, of which I am grateful. <3

A young lady who has a presence on YouTube shared this film crew’s actors in period costume (1930’s/1940’s). I am guessing it is the same group since they were in front of the the same building!

Amy and I did actually see a film company’s lighting crew walking around with equipment and vans parked here, across the street (Rue du Rivoli, I think) from the mayor’s office building.

If you were part of your local city council, wouldn’t you want to work here?!

I’ll try and find that photo and add it here to this post for you… (That’s it, above).

Now, let’s get to this week’s features!

Here’s what I shared this past week at French Ethereal…

Bonjour de Paris! ~ a first look around the city on the first day we were there.
So beautiful!
A Quick and Easy Summer Peach Cobbler in Tupperware’s Vintage Stack Cooker ~ part of this month’s Pinterest Challenge was to create a recipe using summer’s best fruit!
Let’s Visit the Musée du Louvre! (Épisode Un) ~ a first look around the museum and seeing some incredible architecture and gorgeous Roman antiquities.

And here are this week’s featured posts…

First up this week is from Debra from Common Ground, a lovely post featuring seashells from her collection ~ Seashell Decor and More. Love them!!!
Newcomer Wendy from The Inspired Eater shares this lovely tablescape and tips for losing weight for all of us over-50 ~ How an Innocent Bag of M&M’s Will Likely Save Your Marriage and My Go-To Summer Dinner. Perfect for this yoyo girl!! Welcome to you, Wendy!! 🙂
I have to share Jeanie from The Marmelade Gypsy’s post (since it is all about Paris!!!) ~ Paris in July: My Favorite Guidebooks! Yep… Got a few books while we were there. ;),
Salisbury Steak - Classic Comfort Food /
Jean from Delightful Repast shared this mouthwatering recipe for
Salisbury Steak… OMGosh! I’m making it for Mr. Ethereal this weekend!!!
Heaven on a plate!
sustainable summer dresses
Jennifer from Curated by Jennifer shared her super comfy collection of
Sustainable Summer Dresses ~ very cool and perfect since this year is wickedly hot…
meditation mala, crochet mini dress, kimono style, summer outfit, gladiator sandals, straw hat, Shelbee on the Edge
Shelby from Shelby on the Edge brings us this fun post with a jewelry slant ~ How to Wear Meditation Beads and #SpreadTheKindness Link-up party #284. Really pretty!!!
DeeDee from (Our) Clover House shared easy tips for The Easiest Way to Hang a Shelf. Good stuff! And isn’t this dining room just the cutest?!!
Our second newcomer Steph from Steph Creates (Things DIY Home & Crafts) shared this beautiful
DIY Wood Crate Floral Design! Love how she styled it with roses… Yes! Welcome, Steph!!! 🙂
From K’Mich and her Wedding Soiree by K’Mich blog, this very cool DIY post totally Repurpose Sewing Machines. Wait until you see all the cool things she found!
What’s In Your Curio? Part 2 is this week’s feature from Debbie at Debbie-Dabble Blog. Gorgeous pieces!!!
Last up for this week is this post ~ How Our Yard is Holding up under the Summer Heat ~ from Penny from Penny’s Treasures. Gorgeous pink phlox!!!

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Happy Wednesday, everyone,

Barb 🙂

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Let’s Visit the Musée du Louvre! (Épisode Un)

Thinking what it was going to be like to go to The Louvre in Paris, I never in my wildest imagination thought how magnificent everything would be…

Hang on to your hats, grab something cool to drink and let’s take a tour! I promise not to share all 300+ photos today but just some highlights. I’ll share more later but just the outside of the museum is enough for just one post!

The inner courtyard of the Musée du Louvre

The Louvre palace was begun by King Francis I in 1546 on the site of a 12th-century fortress built by King Philip II. Francis was a great art collector, and the Louvre was to serve as his royal residence. “

Grand Extraordinaire

The sheer immensity of the buildings which make up the Louvre just doesn’t show in anyone’s photographs! You really need to experience it…

One of the reasons I am sooooo glad I was able to finally visit Paris and to see it with my daughter Amy. This was her big bucket list item to see while we were there in France and it just kept on giving…

My desire was to see the Tulleries out back, and I had walked a bit through them the night we tried to go up into the Eiffel Tower (didn’t happen, long story!).

Looking left
Looking forward as we walked more forward

We tried to get tickets but they were sold out. I had paid for as much of our trip in cash as I could before we left, setting up our hotels/AirBnB’s. I just had no more money to set up our two big sightseeing trips to Versailles and the Louvre, so we just walked over and “took a chance” on getting in…

Incredible statues of famous people from Roman, Greek, and French cultures surround the courtyard.

Correct me if I am wrong, but most of these statues are to show the citizens of the time who these famous figures were. We decided not to pay for the headphones and went on our own guided tour just taking our time and browsing through the rooms we really wanted to see.

Amy had read on the Louvre website that upwards of 30,000 visitors come through the entrance here underneath the pyramid to tour each day.

Covid be damned! We were going!! Some people wore masks but it was a good 90+ degrees and we just decided to forego masks; too hot. We never wore masks after the airplane ride. Very few people coughed. Paris was having an increase in Covid cases but those were locals, from what we learned from a waitress at one of the cafés we ate at.

While visiting the Louvre, we met a lot of nice people and enjoyed visiting with staff members who sit in each room. They are there for you to ask questions and by doing this, we kept them from total boredom. 🙂 Okay, and they make sure you don’t sneak off with “some souvenir,” too!

An iconic view… Reminds me of a shot from one of Tom Hanks’ movies ~ The Da Vinci Code. Fun movie if you haven’t seen it!

We only waited about an hour as the security staff who checked bags and let tour groups inside were gracious enough to NOT just let in tour groups. They would go back and forth letting people queue up to enter.

It took about an hour, which we thought wasn’t bad. Better than Disneyland!

I was blown away by the incredible detail on the outsides of each building… This roof was de rigueur in its time ~ a masterpiece made of lead. We noticed that several chimneys had to be supported with cables to prevent them falling off. Wise decision!

Let’s go inside!

Our first stop was the restrooms (of course) followed by a trip to the counters for a map. Amy guided us through each floor and we began with the Greek and Roman section.

This was some kind of list of grain sales, I believe. Amy read out the description.

We took our time but moved quickly since we wanted to see most of the museum. My goal was to see Napoleon’s quarters, and Amy wanted to study all the Roman antiquities.

Really cool statuettes and bronze mirror!

I am not good with Roman and Greek mythology but my daughter amazed me with all of her knowledge and happily was my personal tour guide! She knows a massive amount about what was going on during each time period; she could be a commentator on a historical program.

If you haven’t seen any old episodes of Odyssey – Ancient History Documentaries and the original name Time Team on YouTube, you should check it out! Off the air since 2012, the British archeologists on the show’s 20-year run are brilliant at finding and sharing archeological finds and often very funny! Great show for seeing how people used to live back in Neolithic, Medieval and other times through digs all within the “three-days-to-do-it” motto. Filmed all within the United Kingdom with a few specials across Europe.

Look up!

The ceilings within the museum were massive and entire rooms were moved and reset within the museum or were there since the time of the Louises and Napoleon and later up to Louis XVIII.

The paintings, many for propaganda purposes to impress visitors, were scenes of famous mythological battles. I think it was in 1789, after the French Revolution was over and life had settled down, the Louvre became the place to house France’s treasures. Much of what was held within all six museums in Paris, the best was brought to the Louvre to become the main museum of France and one of the finest in the world.

Thankfully, not everything was destroyed during the fires and stripping of France’s castles during that time period. Some pieces were taken as souvenirs, some were taken by royalists to preserve and protect them.

After Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette lost their heads, Napoleon added a lot of treasures to the Louvre from his travels to Egypt and beyond.

Venus de Milo
Same lady from the rear. 😉

Venus de Milo was really one of the few super famous pieces we saw last Monday (just a week ago now). We couldn’t get near the Mona Lisa… We snapped from afar.

Venus with different hair styles.

Amazing detail in each statue! The stone just sparkles in the sunlight and some statues were luminescent!!

We were blown away by the musculature which shows through many of the statues. How did the carvers “see” this within each piece of stone?

Another of Venus’ gorgeous hairstyles!
Monsieur Paris ~ Many of the male figures were missing an important part of their anatomy… We guessed that perhaps that these statues were broken during shipping from wherever they found.

After a while, we knew we needed the tags with each statue or piece we photographed so we could identify them when we got home. So here is Paris’ info.!

“Off with her head!”

We learned from hearing some guides that often statues were made in pieces and pieced together. This woman’s upper body (head cavity) showed how the head bust would have been added on after the main body was in situ. Her arm was also missing but I didn’t get a close-up of that area.

Well, I would love to keep going with this post but I think this is a good place to stop for now. I will get more ready for the weekend for you.

Amy and I enjoyed a good six hours there at the Louvre wandering up and down the long corridors. We ate lunch at a cute restaurant and met another Amy (Emi) at our table. We also visited the gift shops and brought home some loot!

Thank you for pinning! 🙂

I hope you have enjoyed this post and please leave a comment about what you enjoyed when you toured the Louvre!

A bientôt,

Barb 🙂


A Quick & Easy Summer Peach Cobbler in Tupperware’s Vintage Stack Cooker

Bonjour, mes amies! Je técris de Paris… Welcome to this month’s scrumptious Pinterest Challenge where we are making our favorite peach recipes for you!

How do we say “peach” in French?

Les pêches…

If you are just coming over from Lynne at My Family Time for the first time, welcome! Lynne’s recipe looks totally delicious, doesn’t it?!! These challenges are so much fun and we have a great line up of goodies for your gastronomic pleasure.

The summer dessert I’ve chosen to make is super easy, takes just a few ingredients, and my version is mostly sugar free ~ perfect for anyone watching their sugars. It is a Peach Cobbler, similar to Lynne’s, but of course, mine is made in the microwave. Every recipe, even if similar, is always a different treat!

Health benefits of peach fruit include relief from hypokalemia, cancer, obesity, cholesterol, blood stasis and neurodegenerative diseases. It helps in maintaining healthy vision, skin care, nervous system, healthy bones, and teeth. It has anti-aging properties and also helps in detoxification, as well as improving digestion and cellular health. It has a wealth of essential nutrients and antioxidants which are valuable during pregnancy and it helps in strengthening the immune system.

Cindy from County Road 407 has found the perfect photo for us to use as our inspiration. It comes from Organic where Author Meenakshi Nagdeve in her article Health Benefits and Nutrition of Peach touts a ton of facts about why peaches are so good for us.

I won’t bore you with all those facts but a couple of important ones are that peaches provide us with anti-oxidants and beta-carotene for good eye health. As soon as I saw our inspiration photo, I knew right away that I would make this super easy Peach Cobbler Recipe using my now-vintage Tupperware Stack Cooker.

For this recipe I used only the top cover and middle sections of the stacker. It’s nice as this Tupperware set can be used in several different ways plus you can bake microwave cakes in it, too!

It is a simple summertime favorite ~ Peach Cobbler baked in the microwave! What could be easier AND not heat up the house?

As I begin writing this post, it was 107 degrees outside yesterday (7/18/22 and it is supposed to 100 F today (7/19/22). Way too hot to be turning on an oven indoors!

***North Texas has been up over 100 degrees since mid-June. Even here in Paris, France (where I currently am), this past week they had sweltering days of 106 F/41.1 C degrees on the day I was flying out from DFW. Europe is experiencing some of the worst heat they have ever had, and in countries where only a very few homes have air conditioning, but I digress… 😉

Here are the ingredients (my notes)

3 peaches cut up, the hard inside pith area cut off, and then cut into chunks

Substitute Monks Fruit sugar for the brown sugar; it is non-glycemic.

Add the rest like it says.

I added a little more oats and it helped absorb some of the water from the cooked peaches.

Btw, the scent from the peaches was heavenly!

And here is the recipe

  1. Super easy to just cut up the peaches (I left my skins on as they were soft)
  2. toss on the honey and water mixture, blend to coat.
  3. dot with small pats of butter
  4. cook 5 – 7 min. on High in microwave. I cooked mine for only 5 minutes and it was perfect (using two soft and one hard peach).
  1. In a separate bowl, add oats, Monks Fruit sugar substitute (1:1 ratio), and All-spice
  2. Soften remaining butter in microwave (if hard like mine was from frig.; can’t leave on counter in summer… ants!) and add to dry ingredients. Smoosh in with the back of a fork (yep, smoosh! It’s a Southern thing. ;))
  3. Stir in chopped nuts (pecans!!!)
  4. Spoon over 2/3 of the oat mixture on top of the peaches

Dish the peach mixture into pretty serving bowls and top with the rest of the oat and nut crumble ~ dig in!!!

I totally wish I had grabbed more peaches as I took the leftovers to our Rebekah’s meeting later that evening after I made the cobbler. There was really only enough for everyone to just have a taste ~ 1/4 to 1/2 cup each. This included a friend who is in his 70’s with Type 1 diabetes.

Well, friends, that’s it! I hope you will pin my photos and/or this Pinterest pin to your boards, thank you!! And thank you to Cindy, as always, for hosting!!

Next up is Laura from Everyday Edits whose recipe I am sure is going to add to your subliminal desire to just run right out to the store for these delicious fruits!

Enjoy visiting everyone on this month’s peach recipe tour!!

Bon appétit,

Barb 🙂

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Bonjour de Paris!

Bonjour, mes amies! My daughter Amy and I made it safely to Paris aboard our super clean (and large) 787 aircraft taking an overnight hop from Dallas-Fort Worth to Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport. Great trip! A bit cramped but at nine seats across the airplane, it really was quite spacious…

It was raining as we came into land at CDG around 1:15pm. The outskirts of Paris are surrounded with industrial buildings. We passed by headquarters for many European companies as well as an Ikea and Samsung building as our driver headed south from the airport into Paris proper.

It was raining fairly hard as we pulled into one of nine terminals at Charles de Gaulle airport.

There was a bit of traffic but the drive was a quick 40 minutes. I was really pleased with Welcome Pickups as a driver service! This company was recommended by our hotel ~ Les Jardins de Eiffel, a beautiful 3-star hotel in the heart of the 7th Arrondisement here in Paris.

Paris’ Stade de France, where France won its first FIFA World Cup title in 1998. In that year, France beat Brazil 3-0. This stadium was built to house that football (soccer) match and will also host track and field events during the upcoming 2024 Summer Olympics.

Our driver was on-time (actually early, and booked for us for 2 hours or so), showed us where to get our American dollars exchanged at CDW, and toured us around Paris which is how I shot most of these photographs. 🙂

I have no idea who this rider is, and I looked… Apparently, Paris has many horse and rider statues placed about the city.

I appreciated his giving us a quick tour around the Arc de Triomphe, a big statue in the center of town, and a view of Paris’ enormous 80,000+ seat stadium, le Stade de France (can you imagine??).

Paris is sooo beautiful! Of course, it has modern buildings mixed in with the the ancient ones, but how can you not love a city with such gorgeous architecture?? Most of my photographs are of ironwork railings and plasterwork… This is what I am looking for amongst our travels about the city.

Les Jardines de Eiffel Hotel

Our room was upgraded by the hotel staff, which was wonderful! Upon arrival, we were told that our room has a view of the Eiffel Tower and it didn’t disappoint. Le Jardines de Eiffel Hotel is a beautiful small hotel was recommended to me by our friend Jeanie from The Marmelade Gypsy and is everything she said it would be!

Charming, right off a small street ~ 8, rue Amélie ~ about a mile from the Eiffel Tower (witha great view right outside our bedroom window!). Our room had a queen size bed, a tele for watching the news, a teapot to have a nice cuppa, and an en suite bathroom with a tall tub.

It took us a while to figure out how to turn on the lights! None of them worked at first but you have to slide your room card key into this slot on the wall and then the lights and a/c radiator units work. Always fun to learn how to use things in another country!

Stohrer Chocolate, Rue Cler, Paris, France

We ended our day with dinner at a little café and a stop by a chocolate store…

Yummy! Ils sont trés bons!

We picked up some milk chocolate truffles and I found a wonderfully chocolate mousee-filled éclair to snack on back in our room.

depuis 1738

This chocolate shop (magasin de chocolate) had beautiful marble counters and wooden display cases (why didn’t I take more photos??).

Seems as though all of the shops we poked our heads into have been there forever! Our café had solid wooden plank floors, my guess is at least 2″ thick, 10″ x 2″. They didn’t squeak or bend under my weight ~ good flooring!

It didn’t last long… ;)’

The young lady who helped us talked about how Parisienne chocolates were so different than any others. We had asked about why they tasted so much better! I do have to say, the mousse inside this éclair was really fluffy but not overly sweet, which was perfect.

And that was our first day in Paris, friends!!

Jusqu’à la prochaine fois,

Barb 🙂


Share Your Style #353

Welcome to this week’s Share Your Style #351! We have a lot of great features to share…

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Bonsoir du Paris, my friends!!! Amy and I made it to the City of Light (La Ville-Lumière) flying all night and landing early this afternoon on French time. We are seven hours ahead so I will check on the party early Thursday morning your time when I wake up ~ about midnight for you. 😉

I have a reservation for us to walk up the Eiffel Tower stairs on Wednesday evening as part of a small guided tour. I am really looking forward to seeing the tower all lit up and twinkling! A YouTuber shared that the lights twinkle at 5 minutes past the hour every hour, so pretty!!! We hope to go to Versailles on Thursday but might just bum around the city instead, saving Versailles for the following week. No reservations yet so we will just see what’s what.

So, let’s catch up on some 4th of July posts along with this week’s features, shall we?

Here’s what I shared this past week at French Ethereal…

And here are this week’s featured posts…

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Rita from Panoply brings us treasures from storage in this post ~
Purse Collections Excavated from Storage. Aren’t these fantastic?!! Do check out her post for a whole lot more…
Summer Garden Updates is a bountiful post full of the fruits of her labor ~ from MaryJo at Master “Pieces” of My Life.
Jeanie from The Marmelade Gypsy brings us wonderful history and insights about this artist and his family during Nazi-occupied France during WWII in her post ~ Paris in July: Marc Chagall.
Debra from Common Ground brings out her flock in this adorable vintage-style post ~ The Chickens Have Come Home to Roost. Cute!!!
Debbee from Debbee’s Buzz shared her travel post from Sequoia National Park: Land of Giants. Wow…!

Honorable Mention

A hysterically funny post (okay, it’s all the sidebar Pinterest pins) as part of Amber from The Hungry Mountaineer‘s yummy post ~ Gluten Free Blueberry Muffins. Amber writes a lot of hiking posts from state parks and from around her home in California.

Thank You so much to everyone who linked up this past week. A special thank you to everyone for always promoting Share Your Style on your blog and on your social media channels! I do see it when I stop by and I appreciate the love. 💜

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Happy linking, stay cool and Happy July everyone!

Barb 🙂

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Share Your Style #352

Welcome to Share Your Style #352, friends!! Boy, it has been a couple of hot weeks across the country, and for sure here in North Texas! I’m glad to get Share Your Style up for you today.

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Well, I made it home with the new computer in tow! As I type, it feels good to have this project checked off my list!! 🙂 Mr. Ethereal actually bought me a new MacBook Pro for Christmas but I wasn’t comfortable transferring all the data and applications myself. So… I waited until our summer break!

Unfortunately, the problem I had with the other computer a couple of months ago (not able to pull up the “block pop-up” to add photos… 🙁 I’ll have to contact WordPress again and have them link up to figure out WHY this essential button doesn’t just automatically turn on.

So… with that, SYS is now up but I can’t share any features, including my own.

As I get this fixed, I’ll come back and add in the features, so please do check back!

Thanks for linking up even with the troubles,

Barb 🙂

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What’s Going On + Checking Out the Garden

Happy mid-July, dear friends!! It’s almost time for that once-in-a-lifetime-trip to France and my daughter and I are busy getting all of our stuff together for the trip. But while we have a week to go, let’s check out what I’ve seen on my daily walks, and check out what’s going on in the garden!

Love this home’s wrought iron and brick fencing! This is what I’d really like for ours, but of course it costs a small fortune…

So what’s going on?

Summertime Texas heat, that’s what’s going on! I’ve killed a few more plants yet again from not watering enough or overwatering. No wonder my neighbors plant very little each year… It seems we get about two seasons for hydrangeas and then poof! they are toast. One is for sure gone and the other is holding on. The extreme heat is just so tough on plants. I guess I will have to look at Zone 9 plants when looking at heat tolerance, then Zone 6 for cold. And winters I have figured out now ~ one good thing! 😉

Protection from the sun

At present, I am trying to save this arborvitae but I think it will probably be too late. The pumpkin planted itself when I used some compost from the compost pile and maybe it stole all of the water, but I just think it’s the intense heat index of 105-109 everyday for the last two weeks.

But, with all that, I did mount some large staples and tie up part of this garden shade cloth/wrap that I’ve been using the past two winters. Maybe it will recover!

So far, so good! It pulled off the staples the first couple of days until I got them in the correct place along the fence. I put a couple of slits into the fabric, too, which helps when it billows with wind.

Check your garden for bad plants…

Ever heard of nightshade?? Well, there’s good nightshade, which has clusters along a single stem of small black berries. It does grow here in Texas… But this ISN’T it.

Bittersweet nightshade

Then there are the poisonous nightshades… Of which I seemed to have two lovely plants growing in a wooden planter and here in the ground right next to a small rose bush! The poisonous ones have single red or black berries which grow individually and produce white flowers.

I was suspicious of this plant for quite a while but didn’t know what to look up. Then I googled “bad plants growing in Texas” and lovely photos and a great video by a woman back East who totally gave all the parts to look for when identifying both the good and the bad types.

Why I looked up poisonous plants up in the first place

Because of Yoda, who was really disoriented, having a lot of diarrhea and maybe some vomiting (not sure), I looked up any bad wildflowers! I thought he had heat exhaustion, which he may have had, but it very well could have been accidental poisoning from washing himself after brushing up against these guys!

Needless to say, once I realized what they were (and taking Yoda to the vet’s office in the mean time for a check-up; he’s okay and is back to “normal dog Alzheimers”), I pulled up anything suspect (including nettles, which were making me itchy) from the new garden beds. To think I had been lovingly watering these monsters!!!

Tristan and Isolde

On a happy note, I charged my old iPad and re-found this cute photograph of my kids and Skeeter, our Golden Retriever, from back in the late 1990’s. This photograph was taken in a little side garden I had created right outside our dining room and living room windows.

I named this section Tristan and Isolde after a book I read for my Medieval Culture history class in college. The significance is that when both of these lovers died, a red rose was planted over Isolde’s grave inside the churchyard by her husband the king. A white rose was then put in outside the churchyard where Tristan’s grave was.

Though the two had committed adultery, the king still loved both and felt that Tristan still was a friend. Sad ending for all, but not entirely… The canes of these two climbing roses, one red, one white, grew upwards over the church to forever entwine their florific branches.

I loved this 900+ year old story so much and probably had just reread it. So on this arbor I planted one red and one white rose. They did indeed intertwine… and also cross-pollinated! 🥀

The cement pathway you see below was poured by Mr. Ethereal and myself using a large stencil-type thing which we found at Home Depot back then. I think we still have that, too…

Amy was probably 4 years old going on 5, and Peter was 2 1/2.

This was probably the year our little son went pee outside (he might kill me for telling this story, lol!) and I asked him why he hadn’t run inside to use the toilet?

His answer: “Well, Skeeter goes outside.”

My reply: “Honey, Skeeter is a dog and can’t use a toilet like you can.”

The funny thing kids say and do! 💜 

A new Japanese maple

On another happy note, I’ve replaced one of the dead plants with a small Japanese maple tree. It was in the clearance section at Lowe’s for 50% off ($37.00) so I brought it home. I’ve been trying to only buy new plants at clearance prices since they are all more like annuals here.

It needed to have its branches wrapped to encourage it to grow the correct way, but other than that, it was in good shape.

So far, so good! I have been watering it every other day, even in the super heat and it hasn’t lost many leaves. 🙂

And that’s what’s been going on here. I’ve been pulling out some of the things I need to bring and to not forget to pack.

Also, I’ve finally really unboxed my new computer and am with Apple trying to get data transferred. 😊

IF for some reason this takes too long, I may have to push off Share Your Style as I won’t have a way to import the features. But hopefully not.

Let’s hope for the best and enjoy this post until then!

Happy Wednesday,

Barb 💕