Planting New Urns for Fall


Falling in love… I have been on the hunt for a while for a couple of beautiful urns to brighten up our front yard. I like the idea of planting them for each season and this is the perfect time of year for showing off autumn’s beautiful offerings…

I was thrilled to find two identical cement urns near me at a beautiful nursery Schmitz Garden Center in Flower Mound, Texas, over the October 12th-Columbus Day long weekend. I got these for a good price, I think. 

Rarely do I ask at nursery centers, but this day I did:  I asked if they could do a little better on the price if I took both, and I was given an extra 15% off.

The nurseryman loaded them up for me and on home we went!

On Monday, I wheeled our heavy garden cart around front and went to work trying to wrestle an urn out of the middle of our SUV. You see, the back hatch latch is broken (again…) so we can’t open the tailgate. It’s a cheap plastic part and Mr. Ethereal has to have a day to pull off the inside parts and replace the thing. It broke the weekend before…

So what do you think of the urns?? They are about 14″ tall by 24″ across and about 6″ deep. At first I was thinking maybe they were too shallow, but after planting them and realizing you can just pile up more dirt in the center, now I am really excited about them!

I really like how they look after planting them with just a few pansies, one big deep pink mum, and a little hanging vine in each urn. They add a nice formality to our small front porch area.

This photograph is really overexposed but it shows our fall porch well… Happy and balanced!

Totally in love… Now to convince Mr. Ethereal we need to expand out the left-hand garden bed to make both sides match better. 😉

A nice way to say hello to our second fall in our still 
new-to-us home… 🍂🍁

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Hope your fall has been just as 
beautiful, friends,

A Special California Garden Visit…

California garden and home of Marcia and Alan, friends of my mother and father-in-law, is the garden we are visiting today. Beautiful, ethereal, this acre-plus garden is parklike with a central grassy area flanked by a pool and kitchen garden towards the rear. It is the perfect place for hosting large parties. Let’s take a virtual visit…

Marcia and Alan graciously opened their home for my father-in-law’s memorial, which was so kind. These photos were all taken before the service began and only my husband and one neighbor appear from afar. It was about 3 o’clock in the afternoon and the afternoon sun was really bright. As you will see, I had to adjust a lot of the lighting in the pool photographs in post-production. I didn’t check the first photographs and they were overblown and very white. 

Beginning here by the BBQ area and just a few steps down from our hosts’ family room, the rose garden to the left of the backyard begins our tour. A small half-wall separates the dining area and covered patio from the pool area just beyond.

I loved all of the roses, as you can imagine! Roses just grow better where there is less humidity and Marcia’s roses look so beautiful!!

This incredible peachy rose reminds me of a tea rose I had in my first garden. The soft yellows and tangerine really are pretty here in this setting…

Heading beyond the roses, we move into the gorgeous pool area…

Here in the upper left corner of this large semi-pie-shaped lot, Marcia placed her potager garden room. The raised beds hold squash and pumpkins, tomatoes and herbs. 

Love these raised beds!!! More roses in the background.

Over the years, Marcia says the garden has changed a lot to meet their family’s needs. Narrow beds follow much of the fence line and are filled with cutting flowers. 

Looking back along the right-hand side (from the BBQ area), I love the undulating larger flower beds! Planted with ornamental shade trees, crepe myrtle and other perennial shrubs, this area is easier to care for with just a few clippings each year.

California lifestyle 

When you Google Earth homes in California, you will find that anywhere from 1/3 to 1/2 of the homes throughout the state have a pool on the property. It may be a “dry heat,” but with 5-6 months of 90+ degree days, pools just fit right into the California garden lifestyle, keeping families cool.

Sorry this is sooo bright! I’ve actually added in color and reduced the whites but I had the settings wrong on my camera for the sunlight at the time. The area is so pretty that I knew I needed to keep this photograph to share, even if it isn’t perfect… 💖

Isn’t this yard gorgeous??! I love how large the whole yard is and this isn’t a small pool, either!

Love all of the garden areas and how they visually connect!
Walking back along the right side, here is a view of the pool and potager from near the house. Gorgeous views from every angle!!! Serpentine bricks really show off the pool’s planted pots.

Marcia and Alan have owned their home for 30+ years and bought if from her uncle who was the contractor-builder who built this area of Sacramento homes. He lived in this home since the home was built in the 1960’s. They are the second owners and this was definitely the home to buy!

Back to the beginning again… I hope you have enjoyed this garden tour today!

Happy gardening, friends!