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Happy Father’s Day from Daddy’s New Shed!

Happy Father’s Day, y’all! A week ago, I was with my mother-in-law at Costco and saw a shed I’d been looking at for a year… Well, that day I pulled the trigger, had two 9′ long boxes unboxed and the contents loaded through the rear window of my unopening-rear-hatch Sequoia…

It’s not much of a Father’s Day gift, but definitely necessary to free up the back patio and get the lawn mower out of the garage. Hubby needs more room to move around in his workshop. 😉

A little out of order, but here is Hubby at the end of Saturday this week hosing off the back patio thereby removing six months of winter dirt and grime and the remaining leaves. He finished the small shed then spent the rest of the day moving things into it while I worked out in the garden on the newest planter area.

Last week, though, chose to be the first really hot week of the year in North Texas thus far, so I spent several hot days indoors putting on parts to each panel of this new shed. A pretty big chore, surprisingly!

This is going to be where we store all the stinky things: lawn fertilizers, bug sprays when absolutely needed, and the lawn mower.

Pole vault, anyone?? Actually, Mr. Ethereal needed to have a bit more leverage to get this old fence post out of the ground. Who knows how long they had been there?!

Mr. Ethereal began early last Saturday morning to build the new shed’s base.

Hubby fitting the 2×4’s in around the 4×4 exterior.

By noon, the plywood was down and after stopping for a bite of lunch…

My MIL came over and brought homemade potato salad, baked beans and some hamburgers which I cooked on Herbie, our little grill, we began the shed build…

By 6:00pm, we were “done in” from the 105 degree heat (41 deg. celsius), but all of the shed was up and the roof on with just a few bolts still needing to be tightened. 🙂

Here’s what’s now inside:

Charles is a trooper for moving all these things inside yesterday! He finished installing the final few things which needed to be bolted-in (two brace supports which solidify the front door and transom area, and putting up the back shelf).
He’s really good at organizing it all… It looked photograph worthy! And so I did. ;D

Now we have the Big Shed and the Little Shed… 💜

And now we have somewhere nice for all those lawn necessities. And my husband is wonderful for building this for us!

I hope your Father’s Day weekend has been a good one. Hubby even brought me flowers when he got a haircut this afternoon. He’s a keeper…

Happy Father’s Day to you all,

Barb 🙂

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