Early Springtime in the Garden

Welcome to our springtime garden, friends!!! This has been a really fun post to write and over the course of just a couple of weeks, the blooms have popped out of the ground…

Here is where we began in late March/early April: just a few leaf peepers coming up but I wasn’t sure would these be tulips or daffodils or smaller jonquils???

So fun to see what has popped up in the course of just over a week! Each day there was something to see out in this new south garden.

Here we have daffs fronted by the smaller lamb’s ear, which were a gift from friend Dartagnian from the DFW Costumers Guild. So fun to see these settling in!

Love all the sunny faces of daffodils!

Here you can see the old posts still up from Mr. Ethereal’s and my moving the panels about 3-4 weeks ago. It’s amazing how much the yard has been opened up just by moving the fence panels out 3-4′.

Wind and rain have pummeled some of the tulips.

Here is a good view of the west and south sides and the future brick border along the west side of the French iron fencing.

A creamy white tulip with just a touch of pink along some of the outer petals…

The following weekend after moving the fence panels (maybe it was two weekends later?), I rototilled the yard where I wanted to create a new flower bed. This one matches the one opposite along our home’s south wall.

You can see it’s beginnings here:

Both of these photos were taken just before sunset and I worked into the dark planting the tall juniper (center of the picture) and the bottlebrush bush (next to the big rake.) My camera corrects for lighting so it seems much brighter than it actually was.

The right hand flower bed will be wider overall with more planters towards the back/front fence. I am pleased with how everything is coming along!

The yard itself is still a mess with unfinished projects, hoses dragged here and there, and plants strewn about in their nursery pots, but you know how it is when gardens are under construction! I have about 20 plants which need to get into the ground. I also have the tender perennials which will go into the ground for the season then come right back out again in the fall to overwinter in the shed again.

Two golden arborvitae will hopefully go in along the western fence, along the back alley. These others will probably go in right here.

These other potted perennials will probably go in right here next to the shed.

In the back you can see the taller green holly and I think it will go next to the internet box (that small green cylindrical tube) to hide it.

The Jane magnolia I think I will use in the corners for height and interest in springtime with its twin! I am remembering seeing garden designer P. Allen Smith’s old garden and how he had four trees in corners and they put on such a show!

Well, that’s it for today. Gotta head off to school but wanted to share our springtime garden with y’all!!!

Enjoy your spring,

Barb 🙂

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  1. I wish I had a garden. Not that I’d plant anything or that anything would live with my black thumb but seeing yours is inspiration. Enjoy it! It’s so pretty and will be so full of color soon.

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