Happy All Hallows Eve Walk-About!

Happy Halloween, dear Friends!!! We had the loveliest weekend of high 70’s temps and it was perfect for raking leaves, scooping up acorns, cleaning house and doing a ton of laundry. I washed some windows and the front storm door and surround… Ahhh! So fresh and clean!

Mr. Ethereal is back in California this evening for business so it was just me walking around enjoying seeing a few kids getting ready for trick or treating…

Halloween Weekend…

The PABS teachers!!! Okay, Amanda (L) is the teacher and Kristin and myself are paraprofessionals. 🙂 Amanda came as Miss Frizzle. Kristin was Hermione Granger. Me ~ I was trying to look imperious like Alan Rickman’s character, but I kept laughing! Lol!!!

This is me this past Friday ~ as Professor Snape from Hogwarts School of Wizardry. This year our school – Hodge Elementary – has a Learning is Magical theme and since we are Hodge, we are now Hodgewartzians… The kids (and staff) got to dress up all week for Red Ribbon Week and Friday was Storybook Character Day (hence the backdrop). This is our crazy picture! My mother’s Bergdorf Goodman cape got lots of compliments during the day.

Halloween morning early…

There was a gorgeous crescent moon at 4:30am today, but I couldn’t get it to photograph well… 🙁

Every year or so I get out and photograph The Girls in the yard and I did manage to remember to capture our Outdoor Maiden this morning before toddling back to bed…

My phone added in some light that wasn’t really there. It was fully dark at 4:30am Halloween Sunday morning.

During the week, before we had a big rainstorm which brought 40mph gusts, I got most of the tools put into the new shed. This area is beginning to clean up and I can put out some planters with evergreens which can handle the winter in pots.

Leaves are just beginning to fall off the backyard trees and most of acorns are down, as well. Out front is another matter entirely! Acorns are just beginning to fall and there are MASSIVE amounts of leaves to come off those trees. Charles did manage to get a bunch of limbs down out of the fruitless pear a couple of weekends ago. Five huge piles of limbs were ready for the truck to mulch them up!

Halloween during the day around our home…

I brought out the white Cinderella pumpkin I grew this summer (it is slightly yellow) and placed it on top of one of the large white ones I picked up at Lowe’s a few weeks ago. Then I created a matching set in the other planter. I found a pale green and pale orange multi colored pumpkin and set that on the chair up on the porch stoop.

I am totally loving the front porch and its simple arrangement! Would you believe these impatiens are THE SAME IMPATIENTS that I bought in Oklahoma in late March/early April?? They have done beautifully this year with just a couple of clippings when they get leggy…

This sweet hydrangea is beginning to bloom again, can you believe it??! I was sooo excited to see its little pink bloom this past week. I had forgotten I fed it in late August/early September and it rewarded me with this lovely…

Our mandarin orange tree is doing well in its clay pot, and here are the fruitful rewards… I picked an orange this afternoon for lunch tomorrow at school and I’ll let you know how they taste. I don’t think it is quite ripe yet (because the orb didn’t pull off easily), but they are almost there. Perfect as we are supposed to drop to 34 degrees overnight in a week and there aren’t too many, so I should be able to pick them all. Or… I can just move the whole tree into the shed/greenhouse, as that is also its function! <3 I hope to get more oranges next season.

My Halloween Walkabout…

Cute sitting area at this former home-now an office near where we live. I walk by here often.

Just across the main road and cutting through a field, there is this sweet old home, probably the original farmhouse where many of our homes are built on its former land. (We have weird leftover stumps of posts at funny angles crossing out backyard… One of the reasons I think at least our area was part of one of the older homes around here originally.)

I love that the current business owners decorate for the seasons!!!

I just had to share this. 🙂

Pots of pretty pansies ~ perfect for pictures and posy peeping! Don’t you just love the grasses waving gently behind them?!!

There is a bank located next to that old farmhouse and their landscapers have recently changed out the spring/summer blooms for these pretty pansies. Love their sweet faces in the early evening sunlight!

Last up is a small planted area within a much larger fenced backyard, near the duck pond I love walking by… I love all these daisies with their bright fall faces!!! You’ll see more of the ducks and geese and Denton’s little Venice area on my Instagram as I often post them there…

Well, friends, that’s it for this All Hallows’ Eve from North Texas! I am turning in but wanted to get something posted (finally!). It has been a lovely weekend and next weekend, Hubby and I are supposed to go to a Marine Corps Ball with friends from the Odd Fellows…

Should be fun! We haven’t been to a ball since the year Amy was born (1992). ;)’

Happy Halloween to you,

Barb 🙂

6 thoughts on “Happy All Hallows Eve Walk-About!”

  1. Barb,
    You looked great!! Beautiful garden…we pulled out all the annuals today and cut back the perennials as we will be getting our first frost tomorrow and the week will be cold here…This is the latest that we have ever not had a frost!! Thanks so much for featuring my post last week and thanks for stopping by! Hope you are feeling better…

    1. Thank you, Debbie! I am doing much better. I’ve been taking cuttings and potting those up. I know the first 36 degree night is just a week away… I’ve been working on insulation in the shed. Just know I’m running out of time to get it all done before the ground really freezes. Hubby needs to get all the fence posts in when he returns from CA in a week. Glad you got your perennials cut back! It has been a lovely fall… 🍁

  2. OMG Barb, I would have never guessed you could do such a good look-alike for Snape — awesome costume! Enjoyed the walkabout and looking forward to pix from the ball.

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