Fall in the Potting Shed

Welcome back, dear friends! A big thank you to the repair techs at Apple, Inc. down in Dallas, Texas for their help fixing my computer problem!! After moving a lot of files off to a separate hard drive, we were able to download a newer operating system (Mojave), so I can work again. Yeah!!!

A little boo!

I feel much better now that the computer is working again, and now I can begin sharing the potting shed and how it is coming along…

As you come inside and look left, the potting bench Mr. Ethereal built last year as a surprise sits along the southern wall and underneath the eastern window. Filled with various fertilizers, a few pots and now some fall pumpkin decor, the bench gets lots of use!

I’d like to paint the interior a cheery white but Hubby thinks we should insulate the walls first, to which I agree. My daughter was up over the weekend and she heard there could be another Arctic freeze this coming winter (oh boy!). This building will need its insulation, plus heating, to keep plants we move inside from freezing.

The new rack filled with garden goodies.

I had seen a recent program on Linda Vater’s YouTube channel where her friend had used beadboard and peg board as wall coverings in her garden shed.

Really cute idea!!!

Here is a good shot of the roll linoleum Hubby put down in late August. Happily we used only one bucket of the glue to stick it to the substrate. It spreads on very thinly and then you just roll something over the top of the lino to squish out any big air bubbles. He did a great job lining it up and finishing the sides cleanly! I found this 12′ wide brownish-grey roll over at Lowe’s, in case you are looking for something inexpensive. It was about $300 for a 12′ x 16′ long piece.

Love the pegboard as wallboard!
Linda Vater (right) and her friend having a brunch of fresh garden tomatoes.

Wall finishes

I am trying to convince Hubby that beadboard would look lovely up under the eaves and along at least the long wall AND be very functional. We could drill into it and only hang things on the 16″ on-center vertical 2x4s since beadboard is very thin. (He’s worried about things not staying since it is so lightweight).

I like the upper beams open but he wants to fill them in, so what eventually happens remains to be seen. Maybe we could put up spray foam and still see some beams??

New 5-position ladder

We picked up a storage wall set for hanging garden hoses, tools, etc. and will install it overtop upon whatever wall covering we decide.

This ladder was on sale for $125 and Hubby had seen it on his favorite tool guy YouTube channel, so we picked one up. It’ll come in handy for painting in the living room ~ mostly likely a project for this winter/next spring ~ plus for getting leaves off the roof of the shed and house, etc.

We had seen another of these sheds with a long shelf built from back to front, and we may put one in at some point. The vents are sealed and screened to keep out creatures and bugs.

Tons of room for storage

The right side of the shed is strictly for storage. We have a couple of these tall racks to use in here and would like more of the wire rack inserts, like the new one has. Not easily available… We went looking at ranch panels but the spacing between each wire “square” is bigger than these racks need. The cuts wouldn’t be right to have a finished edge all around, either.

I need to contact the company which made the new rack and see if we can order more. πŸ™‚

So, not pretty yet but it will be in the future. I felt I needed to share what it looks like now since I have been talking about it all summer… A new place to play!!! ;)’

Have a lovely day,

Barb πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Fall in the Potting Shed”

  1. Hey, I think your it’s gorgeous! I love organization, and you’re onto some great ideas. Let me just say that after using pegboard at the antique mall booths the past 13 years, it is awesome! Our seller left us 3 different ladders and lots of yard tools (thank goodness, because we purged ALL of that stuff). Love the flooring Charles put down, and look forward to seeing how you finish our your walls and ceiling. I know you love this space, I would too!

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