Just a Quick Post…

Hi friends! I’ll have to postpone SYS for this week as my computer needs a newer operating system… Always something, huh?!

But I’ve seen last week’s linked posts and there are lots of good ones to share! Hopefully I can get this computer happy again or finance a new one.

So for now, enjoy a few photos from our kitchen and our garden.

Big hugs to you all,

Barb 🍂🎃🍂

10 thoughts on “Just a Quick Post…”

  1. Oh… I know those computer headaches. Not to worry, we totally understand. Hope things get resolved soon! take care, Deb

  2. I know that stress! First cousin to phone operating systems! Mr. P. just updated his system with Windows 11 and you’d think Santa came. Not my cup of tea!

    1. Hubby will be looking at my computer this weekend when he gets back from a business trip. Will be getting a new computer if we can’t update the system. Thank you for your sweet thoughts! Hugs, Barb 💕

  3. I can relate, Barb. Mine is on borrowed time. I have ordered a new one and I fear the learning curve when/if it comes and I always hope mine will make it that long!

    1. Thank you, Jeanie! I’ve been nursing this computer along for awhile… Hubby said he will look at it this weekend and we will go buy a new one if needed. Expensive month with paying off the new shed, tires for my old Sequoia, and now this… Ugh! Thanks again! 🥰

  4. Oh I hope everything is updated quickly and easily for you, Barb! I am glad I clicked on this post today because I have an appointment to diagnose my computer issues this afternoon and I had completely forgotten about it! I would have probably missed my appointment if not for your post so thank you for that!


    1. Glad to help, Shelbee!! 😉 I was happily (and WAY LESS expensively able to move off all of my FE photos, videos (son’s pole vault, and others) and other documents to the portable external harddrive and download Mojave. The computer is now recognizing WP and other sites again. Yeah!!! Hope your chat with techs on your end went well! <3 Happy Sunday, Barb :)

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