A New Chandy in the Dining Room

Happy Tuesday, y’all! Fall is definitely showing a tiny bit around our little city with just a few trees putting on the tiniest bit of oranges and reds in their leaves. With those changes, I’ve felt the need for some changes indoors myself.

Just one change in the dining room is bringing me a huge burst of happiness… Getting back to who I am with a change in our dining room chandelier is a must!

Unboxing the new chandy a week ago!

Ever since we moved to our Manor Home three years ago, I’ve been iffy about the drum chandelier. It’s okay and I know transitional is “in” right now and I liked it at first, but…

It was driving me crazy!

An advertisement came across my computer one day for Lamps Plus (No, this wasn’t sponsored; I wish!), and I casually clicked over to see what was on sale… And I have been in love with Kathy Ireland chandeliers ever since visiting my friend Kathy’s home in Escondido, California during our teas.

This is the Kathy Ireland Chateau de Conde light.

She had one similar to this one which had a carved wooden piece in the middle on the main pillar of her chandelier, which I loved. I think the candlelight cups on the arms were also of carved wood. I have never seen another like it available at Lamps Plus since… It’s a bummer when styles change and you can’t find a particular chandelier anymore.

Here’s a little video I shot this weekend and posted on Instagram:


I finally broke down and drove down to Lamps Plus in Arlington to see this chandy and fell hard for it! I love its Shabby Chic look. In fact, when it was delivered, it wasn’t shabby enough for me on the arms and pillar pieces, so I drove over to Home Depot to get some metal sanding paper.

After a quick sanding, which took about an hour, I wiped this chandelier down and then waited a week for Hubs to put it up for me. 😀

At some point, I might change out the plastic sleeves covering the electrical connections for the candlelights as there are more realistic-looking sleeves out there.

Now the dining area of our home feels “like home!” And I am sooo looking forward to adding some greenery for the holidays but for now I am not rushing anything. 😉

Yesterday’s tablescape post was the first of many as I am so excited to share this chandy again and again…

Just a few crystals hanging down from this chandelier repeating the sparkle from the hurricane lamps below.

Getting back to the basics around here! Feels good. Feeling the love… This new sparkler reminds me of the chandy we hung in the RV, too.

That lightweight plastic and glass crystal chandy will be making an appearance soon! 😉

Well, that’s it for today, friends. Let me know what you think of this new sparkler. If it isn’t your taste, that’s okay, too. 🙂

Looking out towards the porch as it gets cleared and the back garden.

Enjoy your week,

Barb 🙂

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