Early Fall in the Garden

Happy September, friends! Just today we had a slightly cooler day of just over 90 degrees fahrenheit… Could fall finally be on the way? While we wait for real fall weather, which should be starting in just a few weeks, let’s take a tour of the backyard garden…

In these two photographs, you can see where we are working on the back fence.

Since the last time I wrote about the shed, Mr. Ethereal and I wrapped the bottom of the shed with grey plastic lattice backed with hardware cloth (welded wire with 1/2″ squares). This was applied over two weekends. Hubby also pulled boards off two of the panels to see if we could reuse them.

He’s thinking no… Luckily, the price of lumber is coming down so that’s good news! While we wait for another paycheck to be able to go pick out boards and have several pallets delivered, I’ve been cleaning things and putting them inside the shed.

sweet geraniums

The shed is fitting into the yard now and as I put some plants around its exterior, I’m liking it better in its spot.

The sideways board in the background of this photograph above is our way of keeping Yoda in the yard. He sees that open back fence as an opportunity to go on some “unauthorized walkabouts.” ;)’

A photo of Yoda in the garden this late spring.

Yoda is extra happy as we move more things into the shed and off the back porch and out of the yard. At 16 1/2 years old, his cataracts are making it hard for him to see. Our vet says that Yoda is near-sighted now. He runs into everything so it is becoming more important to keep the yard clean.

I know he sees really well towards late afternoon, when the sun is heading down. He sees light and shadow is my guess so he judges where he is at accordingly.

He is happy to still run a bit as he comes back in from doing his business! He is happy to find his way without zillions of things to avoid. 🙂

Mexican heather out in one of two Lowe’s urns in the back garden…

The nicest time in the back garden

Early evening light in the back garden is lovely… Even if it is hot outside, with the change to the whiter light of early fall, it just seems cooler!

Limelight panicle hydrangea ~ this one bought at Calloway’s Nursery.

The hydrangeas have been loving the heat whether we humans (and dogs) think the past month since August 1st have been the “dog days of summer.” As long as they get water everyday, they are happy.


How to dry your hydrangea heads

This is the first year since moving here to Texas that I have actually dried my own home-grown hydrangeas!!! I waited until the hydrangea heads felt “papery” (good advice from another blogger!) and then cut them stripping the leaves, split the ends up an inch or so vertically along the stem, then set them in just an inch or so of water…

The key is having papery blooms and just a small amount of water in the vase so that dries up quickly (before mold sets in on the stems). 😀

Fall’s papery blooms…
from Spring Tea in the Garden

Here is how this hydrangea looked as it just leafed out in the spring.

A messy part of the garden, still in need of a brick edging to define this backside of the south garden bed (seen in the middle photograph above). The bougainvillea will go indoors once we get down to 32 degrees.

From Heritage Roses, I ordered a couple of new roses: a climbing rose, Eden, which is a lovely deep pink rose, and Mary Rose. Mary Rose is an English rose which I had at our last home in California.

A heuchera tired but making it in a small hanging basket. The other basket lost its plants to munching bugs.
One of the new roses, above left front

Not all of the garden faired well, which is why I’m not sharing everywhere (like under the master bedroom window), but these areas should bounce back with cooler temps. This is how our back garden is doing. Hope you enjoyed this little tour!

Lovely evening light!


7 thoughts on “Early Fall in the Garden”

  1. No matter where you live yards and gardens are a ton of work. We have a lot of tree debris and still cannot get people to come and do the trimming work. Finding workmen is almost impossible. Your shed is looking really lovely and it’s so nice to get projects under control. Hoping winter this year doesn’t bring another deep freeze like last year. My azaleas almost didn’t make it. I so enjoy looking at everyone’s gardens. I’m ready for the 90’s to be history!

    1. Hi Debra, I’m so sorry you can’t find anyone to come help you with your yard. There are plenty of landscapers out our way and we do need some tree work, but the money is spent for this year… I paid off the shed a couple of weeks ago in full so the trees that need work will have to wait until next year, I think. 😉 The fence is coming along and when we get our mid-month pay, then we will do some more of it. Long term projects for sure!

      I apologize for not getting back to you sooner. Working at school during the week then all the weekends on the yard have curtailed my getting back to anyone, but I am home today nursing a head injury. A fence post fell on me, then Yoda, last Friday evening as we got back from a walk (dislodged when I pulled the gate closed), and I finally went to ER since the headache just wouldn’t go away. All is well – no fractures, no bleeds – just need time and rest, so I took today off. Attempting to get WP back up and running since Google is saying it is “unsafe…” A bit maddening… I can comment so I am working my way through visiting! Hope your week is going well and happy fall!! Hugs, Barb 🙂

  2. Thoroughly enjoyed your beautiful photos, Barb! I love the dreamy, ethereal quality they have about them! Gardens are a tons of work, but the soul caressing you receive back is irreplaceable!

  3. Barbra your garden is absolutely lovely. It still has a lot of life in it and will continue to give you joy for months yet,

  4. Your garden is looking wonderful, Barb. (And so is the shed!) Gorgeous blooms (and thanks for the hydrangea tip, too.) Lumber took such a price hike; I’m glad it’s coming down. Yoda is so well named and darling. What a sweet companion!

  5. I will rest my heart, because you will take care of my tomorrow, I put all things in the one who strengthens me, AMEN I believe 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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