An Early Fall Mantel Refresh…

Welcome to another great Pinterest Challenge, friends! This month won’t disappoint with its Fall Mantel theme… I think we are all a bit ready for the heat of summer to end and some fall crispness to blow our way…

Thank you to Cindy of County Road 407 for gathering us all together again for this month’s challenge. We all love creating our Pinterest Challenge posts for you and hope you enjoy them as much as we love creating them!

Our homegrown Cinderella pumpkin ~ one of three which grew this summer.

If you are just visiting for the first time from Laura‘s place, Everyday Edits, don’t you love how she decorated her mantel? She has such great taste!

Our inspiration photo

This fall mantel vignette comes to us from Janelle Trinette and her post Fall Tour 2020. I love that she has used:

  • a large glass container for fall branches
  • a framed quote about fall
  • several sizes of wood candlesticks; in fact, LOTS of wood in the mantel and in the decor
  • small orange and white Baby Boo pumpkins
  • a pretty burnished brass lantern
  • and fall leaves scattered about the mantel top
Love this fall vignette and mantel styling by Janelle Trinette over at the blog of the same name!
Using my favorite grey-greens and even a set of grey-blue-washed prayer beads mimics the circle of wooden beads around the large wooden and iron trivet in the inspiration photograph. A few sprigs of wheat saved from fall 2020 bring in the wheat look from Janelle’s post, too.

My interpretation

Oddly enough, I have very few natural or stained wood elements in our home. Except for some monkey pod plates my husband mailed back home as he passed through the Philippines on his way to or from the Gulf War in the early 1990’s, and a few pieces of furniture, that’s it. Over the years, I’ve tended to paint everything white, or lately, layered-on paint for an antique look when it comes to either home decor or furniture.

So my interpretation of this mantel full of wooden items has more of a French Country painted and gilded look, and less of a farmhouse country look.

Just a hint of fall on the mantel ~ no bright oranges and browns here! Love this musical piece!!

The mirror I have on the mantel is the right size as our large inspiration quote and it is paired with a print for something written. This really cool matted musical print I found at a local thrift shop in my favorite grey-green color.

I used three of my painted wooden candlesticks (How to Create Candlesticks from Old Lamps) to mirror our inspiration wood pieces, plus I added two round wood slices to add height underneath the woven lantern and the glass vase.

  • For fall leaves, I opted to layer in these resin glass-like glitter leaves I found a couple of years ago. I don’t remember where I found them but they are really Christmas ornaments.
  • Real pumpkins are pretty scarce right now so I used two velvet pumpkins I made plus a cute sweater pumpkin I found at Joann Fabrics last year.
  • The glass vase on the left holds a spray of leaves and mini velvet pumpkins stacked up inside.
“Hooozit goin?” says our little feathered friend.
  • The woven plastic faux candle lantern on the right side of the mantel carries on the painted grey-green theme. I found it on clearance at Menards in South Dakota on our trip up to see our newly born grandson during the summer of 2020.
  • The little owl was a gift from a friend when we lived up in Sanger in our Prairie Home (our RV) and he brings in some more of the fall browns and oranges.

And that’s my mantel interpretation! Now let’s hop on over to Cindy‘s at County Road 407 and see her beautiful mantel. If you like to hop around, the full list is here at the bottom for you, too!

Thanks for stopping by today,

Barb 🙂

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21 thoughts on “An Early Fall Mantel Refresh…”

  1. I don’t do a lot of white for fall and I have to say, it looks very elegant and also cool, which I’m sure is nice in your Texan autumns! I’ll have to start thinking about that soon!

  2. HI Barb, lovely fall mantel. I love that you incorporated Christmas ornaments. Such a great reminder to repurpose. And the wood candle holders. I love a chunky candle stick! laura in Colorado

  3. Hi Barb, Did my comment go through? Ha! Love the chunky candlesticks and how you used Christmas ornaments in your fall decor. Great idea to repurpose! laura in Colorado

  4. The blues and greys work beautifully together for fall, Barb. The matte finishes give your mantel a soft look for fall after the brights of summer. The chunky candlesticks are a great addition.

  5. Making pumpkins, making candlesticks from lamps, using Christmas ornaments and a thrift store find…?! That is amazing. And I noticed you rearranged your living room. Where did my fave white slip covered chair (that you also made) go? It’s not at my house! 😉 Thanks for joining in today Barbara. I know you are busy so it’s much appreciated. Pinned

  6. I love that you decided to go with a French Country theme, Barb! It turned out beautifully! I especially admire your musical print, since I’m a pianist and singer…that caught my eye immediately! Those candlesticks are gorgeous, too. They make the perfect accent with your color scheme. I also really like that mirror as the backdrop. Well done!

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