Beautiful Inspiration ~ An Ethereal Mother’s Day Table

For Mother’s Day this year, I wanted to set a really soft and ethereal looking table in remembrance of my mother and for all of our mothers, really. A table which began with a delicate lace tablecloth, clear glass candleholders and a beautiful bouquet of springtime flowers straight out of the garden…

After going out for a nice hour-long walk with my friend Torrance in her neighborhood this past week, as I was leaving she cut a couple of pink tea roses from her front flowerbed for me. I set them immediately in the last of the water I had in my water bottle, and off they went bobbing their twin many-petaled pink heads as we went down the road.

This Mother’s Day table setting…

I had been thinking of using this tablecloth for a light and airy feel for this table. From a now discontinued Simply Shabby Chic line at Target, this “tablecloth” is really a lace curtain. I bought a few panels when we were living in our trailer knowing I would eventually use them in our next home. I love it for a tablecloth, though!

Do you use unusual things as tablecloths? Long ago, I had a deep purple top sheet that I used as a tablecloth. It worked perfectly and hung over the table really well.

The large purple-ish hydrangea blossom came from out in the garden. I picked up three different types of mophead hydrangeas this spring from Costco, Walmart, and Lowe’s.

Setting a simple tablescape

For a light and ethereal table, I thought I would bring out my favorite Haviland-Limoges vintage dinner plates. These plates all have delicate roses and vines in their transferware patterns and I thought these pieces would be perfect to celebrate our mothers.

My favorite are these ruffle edged plates!

It was then a simple matter of choosing some pretty stemware and adding in clear glass votives and a few bubble glass candleholders set randomly at both table ends.

The day was a rainy one as I shot all of these photographs, and as it went into evening, I thought it would be fun to dim the lights and take a few more photos… This is my ooops! shot with the tripod in the background. 😉

Photographing glowing candles is really hard with a camera without a low-light setting capability! (On my list of future upgrades.)

These two are almost the same shot but not quite. I love how the roses photographed… I added a few red Knockout roses as well as the pinkish-white hydrangeas. So excited to add a few more hydrangeas to the garden since they grow really well here in Texas!

So how will you be setting your Mother’s Day table this year? Are you making a special meal? My mother-in-law Gini will be driving out with my sister-in-law Jodi this coming June so I am sure I can recreate this table for them for one of our dinners.

Thank you for joining me in honoring our mothers… If you’d like to check out some of my other Mother’s Day posts,

Just a few to choose to revisit, and I know there is one about my mother-in-love Gini! I’ll add it when I find it. <3

Have a fun Mother’s Day, dear friends,

Barb 🙂

4 thoughts on “Beautiful Inspiration ~ An Ethereal Mother’s Day Table”

  1. Thanks for the feature, Barb. Making those wood cards was so easy!
    And how nice to hear you have more space to garden and you are healing up!
    I like your look at past mom’s day celebrations. It’s always fun to look back.
    Have a happy Mother’s Day:)

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