Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day  friends! For this Mother’s Day I thought I’d share a few photographs of my mother (and her family) with you of when she was young…

In 2010 when my youngest brother Tom, his wife Kim and my other sister-in-law Linnea cleaned out my mother and father’s last home, Kim asked if I’d like this photograph of my mother. She was 3 years old here when this portrait was taken.  I remember Mom saying that the photographer was trying to get her to do something, and that’s why she has this funny look on her face. 

We have a lot of Scottish ancestry in our background and I love seeing Mom’s big wide-set hazel eyes here! 

Whenever we all smile, our eyes crinkle and look slanted. That’s the Scots thing I was referring to here. 💖

“You know Moms are without a doubt a mix of sugar and magic.”

Joyce Olsen, At Home With Jemma.com 

Flash forward to 1962 and Mom is 23 years old and I am just born. It looks like springtime (no snow, short sleeve shirt) so maybe I was 3 mos. old here??

I find this photograph so apropos since our little grandson Milo was just born. He is a cutie patootie and I wonder who he will look like as he grows older. He will be 5 weeks old this week! I love the sense of wonder on his little face as he “sees someone inside that box (phone) talking and waving at him!”

Peter and his little M, 3 weeks old

I was just looking at Milo’s photo I screenshot from a FaceTime call a couple of weeks ago and he has the sweetest widow’s peak!!! He’s so cute!!!  I just want to chomp his chubby cheeks! (Guess this must be a grandmother thing… Lol!)

I didn’t have much hair back then… Looks like I have a mohawk! 😉
My brother Frank is named for my Grampa Frank, my mother’s father. Here we are in Centerville, Ohio at my parents first home, probably back in summer of 1963. Frank was about 6 months old at this time and I would have been 18 mos. old. 

Here is Gramma Helen, my mother’s mother, and me on the swan boat in Boston (Charleston Harbor?), around Easter 1970 before we moved to Hawaii that summer.

The past couple of years I shared Mom’s letters and her watch that Grampa Frank gave her.  She wore it for many, many years. I also shared a post when it would have been her birthday.

And a couple of years ago I shared my mother-in-law Gini and her family. Have I ever shared with you that both my mother and mother-in-law are Ginny and Gini?? My mother was Virginia Mary and Charles’ mother is Mary Virginia. It’s a God thing… 


Gene and Gini, New York City 1986

Here is one of the last formal photos of both of my parents together. Usually one or the other was behind the camera so it is nice to have this one of Mom and Dad. 

Missing you, Mama Bear!
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  1. Thank you, Mary! It was a nice day with Charles and I did get to visit on FaceTime with Peter and his wife Justine and see baby Milo again. I also talked for an hour with my daughter Amy in Austin. She was happy to visit since we only talk every few weeks or so (hit and miss with her working).Hope you had a nice day with your girls and family, too!!! Happy belated Mother's Day hugs,Barb 🙂

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