Our Late Summer Front Entry

Summer is still going strong here in Texas and my plants are hanging in there so I thought I’d share a little of our front entry with you today…

Yesterday I shared our front door hanging basket for 10 on the 10th and now I can share the rest of the patio! I am excited for fall so this is a happy late summer post with just a hint of transitioning.

I have been consistently watering every two to three days so our roses are doing much better this year here in the heat of summer than last year. This rose in the large green urn is named after Miranda Lambert. It is really pretty when it blooms well! Right now it is just fighting the heat.

Late this spring I brought the new plant stand around from the backyard and put in some impatients in the top tier and our small fern behind it. The boxwood growing in the French style pot is just getting large enough and to the size I want that I can begin clipping it. I am not sure whether I want to form it into a ball or into a conical Christmas tree shape. Conical is all the rage right now.

I had herbs in the cute rectangular pot but the heat (and my overwatering…) killed them. C’est la vie! It happens. I’ll try again when it cools off because I really like having fresh oregano. 

Maybe you have a trick for getting your herbs to grow well? They were burning up in the backyard so I brought them around front thinking that would help. The two flowering plants in plastic pots will go into that other planter to replace what croaked. 🐸

Next year I think I’ll get more impatiens and Super-tunias/Superbells to plant in bigger pots that would like being outfront. What does well in your gardens this time of year?

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5 thoughts on “Our Late Summer Front Entry”

  1. Thank you, Jeanie! The new door basket was a fun project to put together for late summer. I am sooo ready for fall (How about you?). I actually decorated the mantel already with a bunch of my faux pumpkins. I've been trying to get ahead for fall with posts because I know as soon as the kids are with us in school (virtually or in class and attending their other classes virtually – what our school has decided to do to start), my brain disappears for a while. Stopping over in a bit,Hugs,Barb 🙂

  2. Such a lovely entryway! Mine, in our new home, is narrow as well and I've been drawing blanks on how to decorate it in an uncluttered yet welcoming manner. I love your style and thank you for posting!

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