A New French Transitional Summer Look for the Mantel

Coming home  from California, this lovely French-style clock face just jumped from my inlaws’ garage and into my hands… I couldn’t get it into the car fast enough as it had to come home with us! I am sooo happy to tell you about it and how it just makes our mantel’s fresh new summer look…

Changing the mantel for summer 

I have wanted to redo the mantel from its spring look for a while now. The other morning, I walked into the living room and a bit of magic happened…

I saw the early-morning light falling across the mantel and I began a small photo session.  Afterward as I was getting breakfast together, I spied the clock face quietly  propped up along the garden wall in the dining room from my view in the kitchen, and voilà


Scrap the first photographs!

While Charles had been out cleaning, making piles and moving things around in my mother-in-law’s garage, he had moved this pretty piece up onto a box of stacked items. It was sitting pretty precariously when I went out to do laundry or something, so I went over to the stack to move that “thing” before it fell off and broke.

That’s how I spied this clock face… The clock must have originally fallen inside the house and the frame and glass cover must have broken. So that’s how it came to be stacked on top of a bunch of boxes. My sister-in-law said it only needs batteries to work.

I realized what it was as I went to move it and said, “It’s mine!!!”

Love the soft early morning light… It reflects off the back fence and
graces us with its beauty.

A New Mantel Look*

Earlier this week, I asked Mr. Ethereal if he’d take down the French mirror and help me put up this more contemporary mirror in its place. I’ve come to realize that I like the juxtaposition of Transitional decor. 

A few years ago when we went up to see our son and daughter-in-law’s then-new home, I began noticing that I was being drawn to the cleaner look of Transitional Style. 

I wrote a post about their home and what the elements are of that style. Basically, Transitional Style is still Traditional but with some Modern design and design pieces tossed into the mix. Lots of clean lines, more geometric, less frou-frou.

*BTW, if you like the French-style script I wax poetic with here on the blog, it is called Edwardian Script and I think it is a standard font in MS Word. I copied it over onto a post several years ago and now just re-copy it from an older post whenever I want to use it. It isn’t used all of the time because SEO and phones hate it, but I still love it for its ethereal quality… 💝

Changing out the mirror gives this a refreshed French Transitional look, in my opinion. Less Old World maybe but still having some of the curves and French-style that I love…

An evening photo…
Here is how the mantel looked before for Mother’s Day. I kept our sweet little Maiden and moved her to the opposite side of the mantel.

Don’t you just love changing up your mantel for different events or seasons?  

Opening up the front door let more light into the room ~ perfect for making our mantel’s vignette glow!

I played around with different things: leaving the small creamware creamer with its flowers from Mother’s Day, different candleholder options. I brought in a cement stand but that didn’t do anything. Bringing in the resin vase with its bird handles and faux hydrangea blossoms gave the mantel beauty and balance in height opposite the maiden statue. 

Adding a few candleholders finished the pretty new look…

Loving the mantel’s new French Transitional style! 

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Let me know what you think of this new look and if you like this particular mirror here. I am working on the hallway next so the French mirror will be making a comeback there… 

Grandes Calins et Grosses Bises, xoxo

14 thoughts on “A New French Transitional Summer Look for the Mantel”

  1. Hi Barb. Your mantle is gorgeous with this old clock. I love the French name on the clock. Go so well with you blog name. Perfect!

  2. Happy Canada Day and American Independence Day to you, Thelma!! I am glad you like this pretty clock! I am loving how the mantel looks. Hoping I can create some more winners as the year goes on.Enjoy your weekend,Barb 🙂

  3. I forgot to swing by last week, so hope you had a nice 4th. The clock face is perfect with your French decor. How nice to have sweet in-laws!Have a good week.RR

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