Traveling by Blog ~ An International Dining Festival

Wie gehts meinen freunden? Just a quick trip today and let’s start this post off with a favorite song: “Make new friends but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold…” 

That Girl Scout song is internationally known and is a perfect opening for today’s trip around the world. Since travel is limited to short trips to gather groceries and a quick walk with the dog,  I thought I’d share some unique blogs with you which perhaps you aren’t familiar with.

Not long ago I updated my profile to read that I often think of blogging like when we all sent letters all the time, like we are pen pals. Inspired by an unused airline ticket just making my fingers itch to go somewhere fun… Let’s go armchair traveling from the comfort of our living rooms, shall we?…


First up is a visit to Mariette who writes from and lives in Alabama. Originally from the Netherlands, she writes about her  and her husband Pieter’s work (and their travels) as  mushroom experts! By far the most unique job I’ve ever encountered, Mariette shares so many wonderful stories, postcards and more from her late husband’s trips around the world as a mushroom grower. ~ The Living Mushroom Cave in Le Puy Notre Dame, Loire, France.

Next on today’s armchair flight around the world, you may know Fabiana of Fabby’s Living from all the times I have shared her lovely table settings. She collects all kinds of tableware (as so many of us do) and has family over quite often for tea or for dinner (when we aren’t in a pandemic situation). 

Here is a recent Quarantine Tea she shared with her husband (extra slices were props for photos only). I picked this post as I love how she describes her family here… You can really feel the love. Fabby lives in Ecuador and would welcome your visit!

Now let’s travel to Michigan to see Jeanie at The Marmelade Gypsy who shares her travels, working in public television during its early days, and the beauty of Michigan from their lake house. In 2018 she travelled with her husband to France and wrote this wonderful post about Paris: Bread & Wine Shopping!

Our last visit today takes us north to Quebec, Canada to the home of Thelma who writes Thel’s Days and Thel’s Kitchen from Thelmaday.blogspot.com. 

Here Thelma shares her quick and easy recipe for Beef Pot Pie – Day 15 of Quarantine. Normally Thelma is busy out and about with family members visiting lighthouses all over Canada and the Quebeçois coastline. Do look for her travel posts when you visit!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little trip to visit a few of our French Ethereal friends! I’ll be bringing more travel ideas to you as spring rolls on, and also more of our backyard outdoor space, too. 

Guten tag!

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