Make a Heart Garland Today

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and earlier this week in this month’s Pinterest Challenge everyone shared their version of a pretty winter or Valentine’s garland. Well, today I am sharing how I made mine…

Supplies you will need

  • light-weight cardboard for hearts
  • white yarn or any color you’d like to use in your decor
  • pretty iridescent ribbon or Baker’s twine for stringing hearts
  • one grapevine heart from the craft store
  • white chalk or craft paint
  • sparkly glitter


I began by free-hand drawing four hearts onto light-weight cardboard and cutting them out. Paint each heart front and back at least once.

I tried wrapping my hearts without painting them first and the brown background showed through the yarn. Not pretty! 

If you have white cardboard then you are in luck; no paint needed. Put on two coats for good coverage. This is where using chalk paint comes in handy as it is thicker than regular craft paint and covers better.

A new favorite gardening book titled On Garden Style by
Bunny Williams. (Just linking for you.)

Wrap the yarn randomly around each heart and tie off on the backside of each. 

For the big heart

I added some Gesso on my large heart as I wanted it to look a bit whiter to blend better with the yarn hearts. Gesso and chalk paint would both work but with the Gesso I was immediately able to add glitter and it stuck in the thick Gesso adding just the right amount of sparkles!

Stringing your garland together

Measure or eyeball how much ribbon or twine you will need to hang up your garland. Begin threading it through the back of each heart and tie off on each. 

I began with tying off the largest heart and then checked that the lengths remaining on either side would be of equal length. Add hot glue to the back of each heart as needed along with tying the ribbon tight along each heart back to keep each heart level and not “falling over.”

Make loops at the end of each ribbon and hang on your mantel, along a shelf top or just layered in a bowl with the ribbon draping around. This would look pretty draped over a mirror in your hallway, too!

Here is the finished heart garland hanging from our mantel.

Hope this tutorial was helpful and that it will help you create a Valentine’s heart garland of your own. Please share this post  around, too, won’t you?

If you haven’t toured this month’s Pinterest Challenge, you’ll see even more Valentines and winter garland decor ideas there!

Happy crafting,

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