A Little Fall Decor Past and Present…

Fall is really my absolute favorite time of the year with its brilliant colors inspired by nature itself. Over the years I have added to my fall decor some soft velvet pumpkins, sewed a few French toile red and aqua pumpkins for friends and one for myself, and this year I added a few black and white buffalo checked ones.

Let’s reminisce, shall we and see how we can reuse some of this older decor?…

Two years ago while we were still in our Prairie Home we had real and faux Cinderella pumpkins in pale tangerine, blush and celery to decorate our RV’s main dining area window.  I love our new home but I do miss this window as it was perfect for its small vignettes!

Outdoor dining was fun at the RV park too with pansies and pumpkins and fun mismatched china

At our Big House Wedgwood’s Sarah’s Garden tea set made its debut in the fall of 2014 where I shared a visit to meet the current Duchess of York.

A recent Pinterest Challenge celebrated dining outdoors and my first set of china by Villeroy and Boch came outside to grace our new patio.

Oddly enough I have been really missing the trailer lately! I stopped by and checked on it this past week since I was up in Sanger, TX picking up more stones for the backyard garden. 

A man was there winterizing another trailer for a client and asked if we might need ours done. Knowing that yes it did need to have all its hoses and the refrigerator filter drained he charged a nominal fee and took care of that for me. I stopped by Friday afternoon and locked the trailer back up and folded up the steps and called it good!

This little bouquet believe it or not holds the last mums from a bouquet my husband picked up for our anniversary last month. I cannot believe these flowers have lasted so long! I just plucked out the bright green mums and recut them once again and put them in a fresh container. Mr. Ethereal certainly got his money’s worth with this fall bouquet!

The living room looks much as it has all fall but I am just beginning to make some changes for Christmas…

Decorating central with elves in force will be happening this week with our daughter coming up for a Thanksgiving visit! (Always a little chaotic and mixed up living the blogger’s life, as many of you know.)

Enjoy this little visit,

3 thoughts on “A Little Fall Decor Past and Present…”

  1. I just went back and read your post on meeting Sarah Ferguson, how fun!! that china pattern is beautiful. Decorating your trailer is a wonderful concept. We just have a smaller camper on a pickup and it's every square in for itself! Have a great rest of the week, Barb!

  2. Thank you so much, Debra! I miss being in our trailer and have been up there to winterize it before the real cold sets in. It was fun to decorate and sooo easy to keep clean (a quick 10 minute vacuum). Happy Christmas season to you,Barb 🙂

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