All Hallows Eve 2019…

Happy All Hallows’ Eve  to you on a windy and cold fall day here in North Texas! Two weeks ago everyone in Texas was wondering whether fall was ever going to arrive and now that it is here, we are all freezing. Lol! Well, with the arrival of super cooled winds sweeping down from off the American and Canadian prairies, Halloween or All Hallows’ Eve has arrived yet again…

Our fair maiden  is dressed up for the holiday with her favorite strands of pearls, a sparkly pink corsage and a new head accessory ~ a pink glitter mask!

Ethereal crystals sparkle amongst the evening’s light…

I tried twice to make a ribbon hanger that would get the mask to stay perfectly on her face but it just didn’t work. Next best thing was trying to slip it over her bonnet but that didn’t work either

Here’s how she would have looked all dressed up for a masquerade party!

She looks pretty handsome even sans the mask covering her face. If any of the other party-goers complain… Phooey on them!

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Blessings to you,

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