From the Heart… A Small Summer Home Tour

Beauty is  all around and it isn’t always easy changing and beginning something new. I thank God everyday for giving us new chances. With that I have a small home tour for you today…

The garden is coming along and I’ll share more later this week or early next. Mr. Ethereal and I have been working on several projects outside such as cleaning out gutters and installing gutter guards to prevent leaves and acorns from filling them up, fixing the back fence and gate, as well as making the back flowerbed.

Thankfully we have had plenty of rain each week or two so our grass is green, the plants are well watered and the new Apello solar sound vole repellents seem to be driving the voles away. 

Later today I will be driving down to visit our daughter for a few days. We plan to visit a couple of gardens down in Austin, Texas and I am looking forward to sharing them with you!

spring blooms with summer photos coming.
So without further ado let’s head back indoors, shall we?

In the living room the library tea table is getting an update with the addition of this favorite plate stand. Everything still has a soft patriotic theme with the pinks, whites and blues.

Hubby helped me hang up the curtain rod we brought from California along with my favorite lace curtains in our bedroom.
I’ll share those the next time as right now while working in the craft/sewing room, a mattress is back in our bedroom… Which is why I can’t reshoot the bedroom and share the whole thing. 

Always the way, isn’t it? Lol. 

Not too perfect ~ casually wrinkled and perfectly pink! I am still deciding what I want to hang above the bed which is why nothing is there yet. I’d love to find a French corona to hang bed curtains from but that’s a hit and a miss and may require a trip somewhere far away to find.

This is how we had our last bedroom after buying the California king mattress and our daughter taking the cherry bedframe and headboard. She still loves it, btw!

Good news! Our trailer is up for sale and hopefully it will sell soon. Hubby and I do talk about taking a nice trip overseas to Italy and France and it would be sooo nice for our 35th wedding anniversary coming up in two years… But we will need to save for it, of course.

This vintage rabbit lamp I found at an antique store years ago in Redlands, California and it is a favorite. Surprisingly we don’t need that many lamps and many will be sold at our first Texas garage sale.

Right now though I am looking for a lamp shade to match this one for the lamp on hubby’s bedside table ~ no luck so far. 

Any ideas on where to look? Maybe I just need to find a shade with the same coloring and similar shape.

Taken about a month after our household goods
were delivered.
The attic space is getting cleaned and shelves are going up so this large box and the wicker trunk will be heading up shortly. There isn’t really a spot for this wicker trunk downstairs right now and it was one of my first purchases from my very first job. 

I found it at Cost-Plus World Market when it was a new store in the late 1970’s. I am not willing to part with it just yet… It was the hope chest I kept at the end of my double bed in high school. 

Our fair maiden graces enjoys the afternoon sunshine.

I think she is pretty happy here…

And so are we.

Blessings to you,

8 thoughts on “From the Heart… A Small Summer Home Tour”

  1. Happy to see your summer tour, Barb. It's so hard trying to figure out all the pieces in a move, I can truly empathize. I bet it was really hard trying to figure all that out as best you could before moving it. Enjoy your visit with your daughter!

  2. Thank you, Cindy! When I got down to Waco yesterday, I ran out of steam to look in the antique stores there. Maybe on the way home… ;)Have a great week,Barb 🙂

  3. Thank you, Rita! I was just reading your post from last week's Share Your Style and wow, you must have had to really sell many things… We did get rid of a trailer load of furniture but still have more to go. I have lamps with no where to put them. Strange how you think you are doing the right thing bringing your \”already paid for\” furnishings with you only to find out that they don't really work.Hubby is happy to be looking for new sofas and such in the future. ;)Have a great week,Barb 🙂

  4. Thank you, Jeanie! Mostly everything is put away now. Still working in my craft room. 😉 I realized I donated an old tv stand which I used to store many things, so… I am weeding things out. ;)Glad you like our bedroom! I'll share more when it is totally done.Hugs,Barb 🙂

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