Christmas Wishes and Christmas Trees…

A warm fire blazing  and the glow of candlelight. The sparkling twinkle of white and colorful lights on the Christmas tree bright…

Memories of Christmases past and present mingle together in a merry reverie…

Every year  the Christmas trees lovingly pulled from their boxes may be a little different but the thoughts and sentiments are always the same ~ glad tidings to all and best wishes and prayers for family and friends.

In our last home  my daughter would help me decorate by stringing the lights and as she got older she began decorating the tree, too. It was a fun family event and we would pick a theme of all whites and silvers or just family ornaments.
 Those trees became our most favorite ~ special for their simplicity and the memories they each recalled.  

Our first Christmas in our first trailer spent at Lake Skinner.

The blue star
  atop the one tree was one of the first Christmas ornaments my new husband and I bought for our first Christmas tree together in our first apartment. The year was 1989 and he had just come home from his MOS job training in South Carolina and was just beginning his first tour at Camp Pendleton, California.

These little Christmas trees were ones I fashioned and bleached as gifts for friends in my Victorian Tea Society group and also for my coworkers and teacher at school that year.  I have been making little Christmas trees and now French Snow People ever since.
Our tree this year is the same one used last year ~ a nice 4 1/2′ tree I found
right before Christmas from Sam’s Club for $24 or $27.  A wonderful bargain
with realistic looking needles.  🙂
This Christmas  I am keeping it simple with just the one Christmas tree set up on the tall nightstand again and a simple window vignette.

A bit of a mess but that’s real life, isn’t it?  Presents to be wrapped up on the
sofa and a pillow and mugs to put away.  Mr. Yoda is enjoying
his new dogbed.  :)’

The fireplace decorated with the snowmen and little trees.

This little pinky tree was created by Laura last year as part of our Lone Star bloggers gifts and I just love it!

The little pink Christmas tree reminds us of the real reason for the season…
That Jesus came to this earth fully man and fully God to give us eternal life.

This is my favorite photo of the season…

I have fallen in love with beautiful vintage religious santos and relics and have been looking out for them in my thriftshop trips.  This sweet Mary and Baby Jesus must have been a Christmas tree ornament as it has a small hook at its top but I think it is better as a table display.

Our Christmas tree looks lovely at night with its sparkling lights, pearl strands found in the wedding section of big box craft stores like Joann’s and sweet gift tags created locally.

And a little daytime view…

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Hope you have enjoyed this little
Christmas tree tour,

4 thoughts on “Christmas Wishes and Christmas Trees…”

  1. It's just lovely, Barb. Magical and beautiful — all the things Christmas should be. I love bleaching and tinting bottlebrush trees, don't you? And decorating them? Oh, it's such fun. I did a display with mine this year too. It makes me want to pop down your way and see it — all the twinkles and joy — in person. Alas. Can't happen but I can love your photos!

  2. Hello Jeanie, I am sooo sorry! I JUST found your message this Christmas season as I thought about resharing some photos to bring a few folks this way… I am glad you enjoyed this post with past photos of my bleached Christmas trees! They were fun to make. I am glad you had a display of yours last year. Two are out already for this holiday season with more to spread around the house. We have a Christmas party here on Dec. 21 so it'll be fun to really decorate beginning this weekend. Just WAS NOT in the mood before last weekend (after Thanksgiving) this year… Too tired from working.Back in the season saddle,See you soon over your way,Barb 🙂

  3. Merry Christmas season to you, too! Sorry I haven't been over your way since summer… I am back to working and not posting so much, nor visiting. Work has a tendency to do that… ;)Will be by soon and hope your holiday season is lovely this year (2019),Hugs,Barb 🙂

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